Why Are My Aloe Vera Plant Leaves Bending

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So why are my aloe vera plant leaves bending? We have often heard this question so now we are going to tackle one of the most common issues with aloe vera plants – that’s when their leaves are bending.

The drooping aloe plant is may mean that your plant is not receiving enough care it needs. But there may be other issues that are causing it. Leaves can become limp with signs of wilting or even swollen with too much water, which can mean the solutions may differ.

So, if your aloe vera plant is not standing up, the following are some of the issues that you need to take care of.

Is Your Aloe Vera Leaves Bending Right Now?

Why is my aloe vera plant not standing up after planting? Did I do any wrong? Well, aloe vera plants dying after your first attempt at planting them is normal. Not all beginners have success with aloe vera plants.

However, if you have owned an aloe vera plant for so long and you still have issues with your plant, then it could be something more. In this case, here are some issues that you should watch out for.

aloe vera plant not standing up

Watering issues

Drainage is of fundamental significance to the aloe vera if you keep it in a pot. Regardless of whether filling in the ground, great drainage is important if you want your aloe vera plant to flourish.

If you wonder what is causing your learning aloe plant, it could be your watering technique. Improper drainage can make them wilt or become droopy. If this is the problem, you should transfer your plant to another pot.

On the other hand, it could be possible that you are not watering your aloe vera plant at all. Is your aloe vera plant leaves bending down too much? Well, try to touch the soil. If it is bone dry, then you need to water the soil and keep it moist. If you are too busy, you can get an aloe vera irrigation kit online.

Fungal diseases

The outside indications of a contagious sickness show up as yellow and twisting leaves. The plant will likewise look as though it is drying out. When you see that your plant is dried out, it very well might be past the point where it is possible to save it.

Aloes are vulnerable to dry decay which will annihilate the plant. Right consideration, and watering, alongside sufficient light, will keep dry decay under control.

Note: If you relocate a plant with dry rot, fungi may continue to stick on the side. This means that it can still transfer to other plants nearby. Or better yet, do not use the same pot for another plant. It is important that you clean and disinfects it first.

Incorrect temperature 

Assuming that you live in a space where the temperatures drop to around 10 degrees C (50 degrees F) your aloe vera won’t progress admirably and may begin to hang its leaves. This will likewise occur if it is put close to chilly air coming from open windows.

In a perfect world, aloe vera does well in temperature scopes of between 18-25 degrees.

Soft rot

This is a bacterial sickness that might make the leaves of your plant twist around. Soft rot spreads rapidly and you will remember it by the more obscure shade of the leaves. They may likewise become enlarged with the gas which structures inside them.

Soft rot is fundamentally brought about by overwatering the aloe, so look at your watering routine and change it, especially when the temperatures drop.

Incorrect container size

Small containers will prevent your aloe vera from growing at its best. The underlying foundations of the plant need more space. Using a small pot will squeeze them and make the leaves hang.

Make sure that the size of the pot is about 2cm wide. This gives the roots enough allowance to grow. Assuming the roots are right facing the sides of the pot, the leaves will begin to hang.

It is in every case better to put your aloe vera in a holder which is somewhat bigger than it needs than to have its foundations confined in an excessively little compartment.

Why Are My Aloe Leaves Bending?

There are many reasons for aloe vera plant leaves bending such as we mentioned above. If you want to prevent it, you first need to identify the main reason for it.

Even so, you can take note of the following to prevent drooping leaves in the future. 

  • Avoid shallow pots for your aloe vera plants. These succulents love sturdy deep pots which will give the roots plenty of room to grow and develop.
  • Expose them to the sun for at least 4-6 hours every day. Aloe vera plants are sun-loving succulents and not giving them enough sun will cause their leaves to become droopy. 
  • Give it proper watering. While aloe vera doesn’t need much watering it is still very important that you water them from time to time. Water it when the soil is dry and don’t leave the soil bone dry.

When an aloe vera leaf has wrinkled it won’t increment or unbend. These are the best passes on to cut off and start new plants with. You can likewise utilize them for healing burns.

Since a drooping aloe plant looks unattractive, you might need to cut them off. This makes your plant looking tidy.

Whenever you have removed the twisted leaves, you might need to report the plant in a more profound holder.

drooping aloe plant

Aloe Vera Plant Leaves Bending: Final Thoughts!

Aloe vera plants are among the most straightforward plants to develop. In addition to the fact that they are not difficult to proliferate. Yet they sometimes experience the ill effects of pests, which kill most succulents of different varieties.

Even so, aloe vera is very easy to care for. When you give it the proper pot and place it in the best location, you can grow beautiful aloe vera plants even if you don’t care for them every day.

Once you have found the ideal spot for them, you can forget about giving them water almost every day. So, are your aloe vera leaves bending still after this?

We bet that the answer is no. Just follow these tips and you can grow healthy aloe vera plants.

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