Best Angel Winged Begonia Care For More Blooms

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Looking for angel-winged begonia care?

How often should I water angel wing begonia? How do I get my angel wing begonia to bloom? angel wing begonia light requirements, propagating angel wing begonia

Looking for angel-winged begonia care for beginners? You have come to the right place. Today on the blog, we are going to discuss the planter’s favorite – angel wing begonia. 

The angel wing begonia is named after its shape. If you look at it closely, you will notice that its leaves are formed like angel wings. It comes in various sizes and heights. The Begonia coralline or cane begonia is one of the easiest begonias to grow inside your home. a

When growing indoors, your plant will be limited to at least 5 feet only. Some plants can be very dwarf so they’re manageable. Thankfully, angel-winged begonia doesn’t need complicated care to thrive. Read on and learn how to care for your begonia. 

Angel Wing Begonia Flowers

Learning how to grow an Angel Wing begonia inside gives a houseplant alluring all-year foliage. Spotted foliage shows up on shiny green leaves with red colors or sponsorship. An Angel Wing begonia houseplant blossoms in pendulous groups of blossoms whenever situated in the right region. Enormous bunches of roses in the scope of white, orange, pink, or red show up on the cheerful Angel Wing begonia houseplant. While developing Angel Wing begonias inside, the right lighting and preparation advance blooming.

 angel wing begonia light requirements

The Best Angel Wing Begonia Care

The right Angel Wing begonia care encourages blossoms to sprout all through the year as well as sound development. Plant the Angel Wing begonia in a speck of dirt or soilless blend high in natural material. The Angel Wing begonia houseplant likes sodden soil but doesn’t oversoak it.


Angel Wing begonia plants like splendid, backhanded light all year. Thankfully, begonias are not as delicate as other succulents. They can handle direct exposure to sunlight as long as the heat is medium. If you don’t believe your plant should blossom, an incomplete shade area will permit it to develop without delivering sprouts.

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Plant your Angel Wing begonia in a damp dirt blend (yet not soaked) and incorporates heaps of natural matter. A well-draining soil will help the root growth to layout well, and back its tall stems appropriately. To guarantee your plant’s dirt doesn’t get saturated, you can house your Angel Wing begonia in a pot produced using earthenware or mud to help wick away overabundance dampness.


Angel Wing begonias like to be kept reliably wet, and you can see while they’re inadequate in water on the off chance that the edge of their passes on start to brown. When the dirt has dried about an inch from the surface, soak the plant thoroughly and permit it to deplete.

Temperature and Humidity

Assuming you intend to keep an Angel Wing begonia in your home, you’ll need to keep temperatures up. The plant flourishes best in a climate that reaches from 65 Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit-however any lower than 50 degrees and you risk the plant biting the dust altogether (in any event, the leaves will become harmed). It’s likewise smart to get your plant far from any cruel drafts or breezes, similar to those from an open window in the colder time of year or a forced-air system throughout the late spring.

Notwithstanding comfortable temperatures, Angel Wing begonia plants love stickiness. Fog your plant consistently to keep up its dampness levels, and think about keeping it in a regularly sticky room in your home, similar to the kitchen or restroom. On the off chance that your house is particularly dry, you can put resources into a little space humidifier to put close to your plant.


Feed your plant with fluid manure week by week (at quarter strength) or fortnightly (at half strength) for the best development and shading. During the blossoming season (in later winter or spring) you can change to high-phosphorous compost to expand the possibility of blooming. an

Where To Buy Angel Wing Begonias

 How do I get my angel wing begonia to bloom?

Begonias are pretty common, which means that you should probably find them in your local nursery or garden center. You can also ask for cuttings from your friends, which you can replant to have your begonia plants.

Begonia is easy-growers, which is why your friends will have no reason to not give you some cuttings.

Begonias have hybrids and cultivars. You need to choose the right variety for your place and also take note of the flowers. If you can’t get to a plant store that sells begonias, you can buy them online.

Begonias do have sensitive stems that can break easily, so when you buy online make sure the supplier comes from the same state or even nearer. Consider buying from sellers that are only kilometers aware from your location so they can just send it through a car or express delivery.

Some great succulent and begonia sources are Amazon and Etsy.


How often should I water angel wing begonia?

Only water your begonia when the soil is dry. Even so, keep the soil consistently moist especially when you place it outside. Once the soil has dried, water it thoroughly and allow it to dry again. When you place your plant indoors, the drying time will be longer than it is outside.

How do I get my angel wing begonia to bloom?

Begonias will become generous with flowers during spring and summer. But if you want to keep your begonias blooming all the time, select a location that receives more direct sunlight in the morning. Begonias love sunlight exposure around 7 am – 10 am. Early morning sunlight is not too intense and also provides more nutrients for your lant. Avoid exposure to intense heat.

Angel wing begonia light requirements

Angel wing begonia only needs medium sunlight exposure. About 4-6 hours of sunlight exposure is ideal for begonias. With proper lighting, begonias can bear red, white, pink, pr purple flowers.

Propagating angel wing begonia

Begonias can be propagated through cuttings. Just cut above a leaf node and your plant will grow back right from the point. Fortunately, these plants can handle quite a cut. Feel free to remove up to 2/3 of its total size during the pruning season, then you can replant it.

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