Know The Best CFL Grow Light Setup

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Looking for the best CFL grow light setup? Well, you have found the right place. Today, let’s talk about how CFL grow light can help you grow beautiful succulents indoors.  

CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp. It is a standard household lighting up until a few years ago. Although this type of lighting has already been replaced by the household LED, you can still utilize them as a starting grow light.

The light they emit is more like the sun, which succulents need. They are also warm so they’re good for succulents. You can the bulbs almost anywhere, even in your local hardware. Their wide availability makes them popular for an indoor growing world.

What Are The Benefits Of The Best CFL Grow Light Setup? 

Finding the best CFL grow light setup is crucial for growing a beautiful set of succulents. This type of light is beneficial especially during winter. With these lights, you can grow hardy succulents even during the cold season. The following are the benefits of this grow light:

Low warm light emission makes them ideal for plants. You can set them up near your plants to achieve the kind of warmth you need for your plants. 

  • High energy effectiveness and lower cost compared with other types of grow lights.
  • Can be set in various situations to guarantee all pieces of the plant have satisfactory lighting 
  • It is the best kind of light for seedlings and clones, because of low heat 
  • Can speed up plant development when utilized as under-lighting for open-air plants or in nurseries 
  • Glaring lights produce the right power of light for solid stems and foliage 
  • They can create adequate energy for blooming. 
  • It lessens energy utilization; the glaring light can be utilized to enhance different kinds of developed lights 
  • Glaring lights are exceptionally easy to utilize 
  • They have a characteristic light range lying between the red and blue frequencies, which guarantees sound plant development and usefulness 
  • They are awesome for most house plants because of the full light range, like the sun 
  • Created in a wide scope of sizes and shapes, which implies they can be put in different positions.
  • They come in various colors such as warm white, cool white, sunlight, and many more
  • Can be hung upward and evenly  
  • They have no-glare light which is agreeable on the eyes
  • Probably the most recent T5, T8, or CFL bulbs can give over 90% of the sunlight based range 
  • Bright light cylinders fit effectively into reflectors, so you can get set up rapidly and without any problem
  • They are very durable and can last for the duration of time

List Of The Best CFL For Growing Succulents

Apollo Horticulture 60 Watt

This grows light is a bright, white light that is perfect for indoor plants. It has a 6,500 Kelvin color spectrum which can help your plants grow and develop into a blooming succulent with no issues. 

While many CFL bulbs claim to be 60W, they could just be offering the incandescent equivalence. It has a lifespan of 600 hours and can fit in standard sockets. The only con is that it is a bit expensive. 

Philips 433557 100-Watt Equivalent

Plants love bright white daylight. So, if you are aiming for this kind of light, you can choose Philips 433557 CFL light bulb. It comes in 4-pack in most hardware stores and is more affordable than other CFL lights. 

It produces a 100W incandescent bulb but at only 23 actual watts. Moreover, they are smaller bulbs and can work best for decorations. They make it easy to place several of them on splitters and spread them among your plants from the ceiling.

Hydrofarm Agrobrite Flcdg125d

This CFL grows light is a bit different from others. It is a whole compact lighting system that could be perfect for your indoor garden. It’s the most old-fashioned grow light featuring an 18-inch ballast that holds a 125W CFL grow light system.

It has 125 wattages and the incandescent equivalent is around 450 watts. It’s best for a big indoor garden, for example, if you have a greenhouse. 

Ecosmart 40w Equivalent Soft White

 This light features 9W CFL light bulbs which are perfect if you are considering getting four tiny light bulbs for less the cost of one higher-wattage with a similar style of CFL bulb. You might find this as the best CFL Grow Light Setup for your succulent farm. 

It has a soft white light, which works well with flowering plants but not for vegetative stages. This is why we also recommend this light for succulent planters. The only con of this light is that it has a very slow wattage, which means you may need to use several bulbs for efficacy in your indoor garden. 

Having The Best CFL Grow Light Setup

Your plants need daylight. Nonetheless, you can’t generally give them the best regular light on account of evolving climate, outside perils, or different issues. In this way, a grow light is the best thing you can ever have.

At the point when you have CFL grow lights, you are getting the same amount of lights as incandescent but still save some cash on your pocket due to their low wattage.

CFLs have a major advantage over other types of lightbulbs in that you can plug them into normal light sockets. The way you will set up your indoor garden where you will be using the compact fluorescent grow light depends on the type of your chosen grow lights. 

For the spiral CFLs, you can align the sides facing the plants instead of the traditional top-down setup. This is because more light comes off of the sides as opposed to the front. 

Just keep some distance from the lights to your plants. About 4-6 inches would be ideal but it also depends on the type of succulents you are planting. You can adjust the light as needed.  Moreover, you may want to consider using reflectors. This is best for lighting that is normally pointed away from a plant. If you don’t have a reflector, you can use aluminum foil as alternatives.

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