3 Best Light Cycle For Flowering Succulents

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If you are looking for the best light cycle for flowering succulents you’ve got it here. Today on the blog we are going to talk about the best flowering light cycle you can invest in for indoor succulent gardening.

Unlike many other plants, cacti and succulents can bloom without any effort on your part. Even the most inexperienced individual can enjoy growing succulents without any sweat.

However, if you are growing flower-bearing succulents, you must take into consideration various environmental conditions to help them develop at their best.  Agave americana, for example, requires 10-30 days to acclimate to a new environment before finally being able to bloom.

The Importance Of Light Cycles

Succulents are complicated. You have to ensure that the combination of environmental factors are present before you can leave them on their own. For example, succulents need legitimate watering methods, well-draining soil, and a lot of suns.

A great factor affecting the health of your succulent is the light cycle as you need to know the best light cycle for flowering succulents. Since succulents can be found all over the world, your succulents maybe involve different kinds of succulents.  Some of these succulents are not usually native to your location, which is proper flowering light schedule is necessary.

For example, Haworthia is a very common succulent in the United States but it is originally coming from Africa. In this case, it providing the plant with the same amount of light as it has in Africa is crucial. Fortunately, modern technology has provided planters with the best light cycle for flowering succulents. You can find heat lamps and artificial lights online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Do I Need A Grow Light?

Succulents require sunlight to live and grow. However, certain weather conditions make it difficult to obtain natural light for plants.  Winter, for example, makes the sky gloomy thereby affecting your plants.

But with the best light cycle for flowering succulents, you can still enjoy great yields. Grow lights for flowering succulents are important to help them produce flowers even during bad weather days. The following succulents need to grow light.

  • Jade
  • Haworthia
  • Gasteria

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How To Get The Best Cycle For Flowering Succulents

Light Output

The best light cycle for flowering succulents is the one that can give precise lumens. Lumens are the fundamental proportion of light result or brilliance you ought to consider. Our eyes are not exceptionally genuine with regards to estimating splendor, so it’s critical to peruse a develop light’s determinations before buying. Ideally, succulents need 300 – 800 lumens for each square foot.


Wattage will just let you know how much power the light uses and doesn’t depict the sum or nature of light created. To understand the energy proficiency for each light, you need to look at the lumens. The higher the lumens per watt, the more effective your light is.

Full Spectrum

Light exists in the scope of frequencies that appear to us as changed tones. Plants will more often than not utilize blue light to become bigger while red light can animate blossoming. Developing lights that produce just red and blue light can be somewhat more proficient, however full range, white lights support solid plant development without the irritating purple light.

Shading Temperature

Light temperature is measured in Kelvins. Lower Kelvin temperature means the light is warmer. Sometimes, it is being portrayed in different colors: red is the hottest and blue is the coolest.  On average, lights from 3000K to 6000K can support healthy growth.

Flowering Light Schedule

Transitioning your succulents to their blossoming stage requires the proper amount of sun exposure for the best result. To start, try to expose your succulents to an average of 12 hours of darkness each day, and then another 12 hours of light.

If you are busy, the best light cycle for flowering succulents is one that comes with automatic features. Hence it turns on continuously for about 12 hours and turns off thereafter.

This is the same condition that plants experience in an outdoor setting. So as much as possible, you would want to mimic the natural outdoor environment to stimulate blossoms from your plant. The following are crucial factors about blossoming that you should take into consideration.

Best Light Cycle For Flowering Succulents For Indoor Gardening

Light cycle refers to the cycle of darkness and light that your succulents must receive in order to produce flowers. As you may know, succulents are sun-loving plants and without proper sunlight exposure, they won’t be as beautiful as you expect them to be.

Most succulent gardeners use the 12-hour light cycle once the plants reach the desired size and shape level. Furthermore, a common practice among succulent experts is to keep the plants indoors in the vegetative stage and use 24/0 and 18/6 light cycles according to the University of Missouri.

When you grow succulents indoors, they might start growing flowers as the days become shorter. Hence, you simply need to adjust the light cycle from 18 to 24 hours.

Best Light Cycle For Flowering Succulents For Outdoor Gardening

If you are growing a succulent garden outdoor there is no need for you to purchase a grow light. Outdoor gardening gives you the benefit of natural light.

However, the best light cycle for flowering succulents for outdoor gardening isn’t always a full sun exposure. On average succulents only need 4-6 hours of sun exposure. That means exposing them to intense heat every day may cause damage to their leaves.

Best Light Cycle For Flowering Succulents For Outdoor Gardening

In the worst-case scenario, your succulents may develop sunburn This is a condition wherein tiny black dots or freckles form all over your succulents’ leaves. In just a matter of days, your succulent leaves can turn brown and die.

Have you decided where to grow your plant? It is essential to know that light cycles for succulents so that you can decide on the best light cycle for flowering succulents. If you are unable to select the proper lighting plan, then you are less likely to get better yields.

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