What Is The Best Planter For Jade Plant?

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First time looking for the best planter for jade plant? Read on to learn which planter works best for this particular succulent variety.

The jade plant (Crassula Ovata), generally known as the money tree or fortune plant, is a tree-like succulent local to South Africa and Mozambique that has become one of the world’s most well-known houseplants.

The jade plant is a record-breaking most loved plant because of its thick tree-like stems and stout oval leaves that might be touched with red at the tips and edges. It makes a superb houseplant since it can joyfully flourish and develop for a long time in a pot, and develop to statures of up to three feet inside. This is a solid plant that is not difficult to develop.

When planted in the right pot, it can produce little pink or white blooms during summer.

The Importance Of Choosing A Good Pot For Your Jade Plants

The greatest threat to potted jade plants is over-watering. If you use the incorrect spot and you water it often, there’s a high risk of your plant getting root rot. Moist and water retentive succulent mixes are not very good for the jade plant’s roots, and much more when you have the wrong pots.

This is why choosing the best pot for your jade plant is vital to its longevity. When shopping for pots, choose the one that can help drain water fast. Plastic pots without drainage holes, for example, are not advisable for succulents because of the risk of developing “wet feet.” This is a situation where your jade plant roots sit around on undrained water for too long. As a result, its leaves will slowly wild and droop.

 Even so, jade plants shouldn’t be confused with a desert cactus. Although cacti are a distant relative of this plant, jade plants are tropical plants. They require watering and must not be left bone dry. Together with a good pot, a perfect soil solution is also needed.

 Do jade plants need pots with holes?

Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots are a top option for jade plants since they’re economical and mostly available in various sizes which furnishes you with bunches of choices relying on your requirements.

We recommend that you buy Terracotta Pots with larger openings to give your jade plants more air and allow quick evaporation of leftover waters. This helps your jade plants remain dry but moist in the soil.

What we love about terracotta pots is that it almost does all the jobs for you. Since jade plants require quick-dry soil, the fact that terracotta post is permeable, its great ventilation feature helps with soil drying.

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Ceramic Pots

Ceramic pots come in various varieties so you’ll have no issue finding something to match your style or nursery. They are moderately cheap and truly extraordinary at keeping your plant safe from water logs as long as you ensure there is consistent water in them when your plant needs watering!

Like bigger Terracotta Pots, you shouldn’t permit them to sit in water or, in all likelihood your plant could wind up with root decay, yet assuming that you keep the dirt damp these pots work incredibly.

Plastic Pots With Hole

Plastic pots are my #1 and they’re just about wherever nowadays. Jade plants require heaps of light during the developing season so you ought to just utilize plastic pots in spring and (fall is suggested).

 Do jades like deep pots?

During winter change to one of the different sorts recorded above if inside since splendid lights will not be needed until the following spring. Plastic pots are economical which makes it simple to purchase a couple of extra to use as capacity or offer without burning through every last cent and they don’t break or break whenever left outside during winter (assuming it gets truly cool you could place them in the garage.

They likewise come in every single different variety so there’s continuously something extraordinary for any room of the house! As long as your plastic pots have drainage holes, then you wouldn’t have any problem.

Larger Than Usual Terracotta Pots

Larger Terracotta Pots are best utilized inside close to windows because they can fit just any size of jade plants.

Moreover, large terracotta pots will remove the need to transfer to a bigger pot when your jade plant matures into a bigger tree later on.

Square Plastic Pots

Plastic square pots are frequently utilized by cultivators with succulents since they make it simple to fit various plants together without occupying a lot of room. They are also a lot lighter compared with terracotta.

During the winter, you can simply move your plants inside your home. As long as you have a drainage plate to catch excess water, then you’re good.


What should I plant my jade in?

You should plant your jade plant in a bigger and wide pot. You have the option to choose from terracotta, plastic pots with holes, or ceramic pots. Ceramic pots are great for newly planted jade plants since they’re small and manageable. You should also consider where you plan on placing your jade plants. If you want to put your jade plants inside the home, we recommend using plastic pots with holes. But if you want to plant it outside in your garden, you probably need a terracotta. When your jade plant grows bigger, it can break easily and allow the jade plant's roots to develop underground.

Do jades like deep pots?

The quick answer is yes. Jade plants can grow like miniature trees and they like being potted deeper. This allows the roots to settle underground with a lot of spaces. Like trees, jade plants can develop big and small roots.

Do jade plants need pots with holes?

Yes. Pots with holes are indispensable for jade plants. Drainage is important because it helps take away excess water so your plant’s roots will be free from root rot.

Are our ceramic pots good for jade plants?

Yes. There isn’t any issue using ceramic pots for jade plants. Small to medium ceramic pots are great for newly planted jade plants. Moreover, you can use them as adornments in your home. You can place them on your table as a centerpiece or as a great decoration in the corner of your home.

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