How To Choose The Best Pot For A Jade Plant / 5 Simple Rules That Guarantee Success

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Learn everything you need to know about the best pot for a jade plant.

The jade plant (Crassula ovata), commonly known as the money tree, is a tree-like plant native to South Africa and Mozambique. Truth be told, this is one of the world’s most popular houseplants, as its thick and glossy green leaves add a touch of elegance to any room.

It makes an excellent houseplant because it can grow and happily thrive in a pot for many years by following a few simple rules. Therefore, stay with us and learn how to choose the best pot for a jade plant.

5 Short Rules For Choosing The Best Pot For A Jade Plant

Rule number 1: A Pot With A Stable Base

One of the essential things to consider when choosing the best pot for a jade plant is the base of the pot. This is because a stable base allows your plant to reach some greater heights and in addition form a beautiful bush with their leaves.

Namely, as the plant grows and becomes heavier and heavier, the pot should be stable enough to withstand the weight. Don’t be fooled because this plant can sometimes grow into small trees or shrubs reaching a height of up to eight feet, and if the pot is not stable enough it will most likely tip over. This is by no means desirable as it can greatly damage the plant.

Furthermore, almost all experts will agree that pruning is crucial in the growing process, but we believe that in some situations the pot has a bigger role than pruning itself.

 Do jade plants like big or small pots?

Rule number 2: A Pot With Good Drainage

The most important rule of thumb when picking the best pot for a jade plant is to try to find a pot with excellent drainage. This rule applies in any case, whether you plan to keep your plant indoors or outdoors. Without proper drainage, your jade plant is doomed. A pot with plenty of drainage holes at the bottom will give your plant what it needs to survive and thrive.

Don’t forget the fact that root rot is a very common disease among these houseplants, and accordingly, if the pot isn’t draining out the excess water fast enough, your plant is in big trouble.

Rule number 3: The Size Of The Pot

Choosing the best pot for a jade plant goes far beyond just drainage and a solid base, moreover, it also includes choosing a pot whose size suits the needs and requirements of your plant.

Truth be told, these plants have a fairly small root system, so choosing a pot size won’t give you too much trouble. If you choose a much larger pot, it will only increase the soil volume and hold much more moisture than your jade plant really needs. As already mentioned, the accumulation of moisture is not good because it exposes your plant to a higher risk of root rot.

As for the best pot for a jade plant, try to choose one that is approximately one or two inches larger than the plant’s root ball. Also, don’t forget the drainage holes, one at the base will be quite enough to drain excess water.

 Does Jade need a deep pot?

Rule number 4: The Best Material

In short, different vessels are made of different materials and have different purposes. Nowadays, you can easily find dishes made of clay, terracotta, ceramics, and even plastic, so everyone can find what suits their wallet best.

So, what material is the best pot for a jade plant made of? There is no good or bad material as long as you make sure the pot has suitable drainage holes in the bottom. You can choose the material that best suits your personal preferences.

However, most gardeners prefer to use terracotta or clay pots. Various clay pots absorb moisture quickly while helping the potting mix dry out. Meanwhile, the absolute best pot for a jade plant, but in principle, every other succulent or cactus is an unglazed, unpainted, and untreated terracotta pot.

Rule number 5: Heavy Vs. Light

Many hobbyists, especially those just starting to grow succulents wonder if they should go for a heavy or relatively light pot. We suggest that you always choose at least a slightly heavy pot to prevent your plant from toppling over.

 How deep should a jade plant pot be?

However, that doesn’t mean you have to run away from lighter pots if they’re more in line with your aesthetics. For instance, think of this as an opportunity to express your creativity. You can add a little bit of sand, gravel, or pebbles to the bottom of the pot, as the weight will go a long way in helping weigh down your jade plant. This is a great thing if you have pets who love toppling things over.

To Conclude

The journey of successful growing begins with choosing the best pot for the jade plant. People who do not like this hobby or are just beginners think that activities like watering and feeding are a bit strenuous and tricky; however, a large part of them can be avoided if you manage to find the best pot for the jade plant.

That would be it, these were our best tips, now it’s time to share yours! Write them to us in the section below. We look forward to reading.

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Does Jade Need A Deep Pot?

No, your jade plant doesn't need a deep pot because it has a fairly small root system.

How Deep Should A Jade Plant Pot Be?

Jade plants have a small root system, so they do not need too deep a pot. If the pot is too deep, you risk excessive moisture accumulation and root decay. Gardeners swear they have seen 3′ Jade plants in 16″ ceramic pots thrive better than most other plants.


Do Jade Plants Like Big Or Small Pots?

The jade plant prefers small over large pots.

How Many Jade Plants Can I Grow In One Pot?

Experts do not recommend growing more than 2-3 Jade plants in the same pot.

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