What Is The Best Potting Soil For Snake Plant?

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Looking for the best potting soil for snake plants? You’re in the right place because today, we are going to give you a rundown of the best succulent mixes you can use for your plants.

Cultivars love snake plants because they can grow in neglect. But on the brighter side, snake plants can extremely look good whether placed inside or outside the home. Snake plants have many varieties ranging from dark green leaves to variegated leaves.

They’re often called fire plants because how their leaves grow resembles that of fire. Adding three to four varieties of snake plants can accentuate a dull corner in your home. The best thing about snake plants is that they can still grow even when they’re not always exposed to sunlight. As long as you have the perfect soil for them, they’re going to thrive.

Top 5 Best Potting Soil For Snake Plants

FoxFarm Succulent Mix

 This succulent mix is available on Amazon. We’ve picked this because it has a well-adjusted pH level of 6.3 to 6.8 that perfectly allows for optimum fertilizer uptake. It encourages strong and sturdy composure for your snake plants, healthy overall growth, and is best for pot planting. 

Thankfully, a pack of this soil is very affordable. 

Miracle-Gro Potting Mix for Indoor Planting

Miracle-Gro has always been top in various planter lists because they’re not only great for succulents. They can help you grow bigger, bushier, and healthier vegetables. Compared with plants grown in ordinary soil, Miracle-Gro grown plants have more yield. As for succulents, it lets you have a bushier and thicker succulent even when you place them indoors. It improves drainage and simplifies the control of pests and weeds.

Espoma Organic Potting Mix

If you live in extremely dry regions, you can use this succulent mix. It helps with retaining moisture, which keeps your succulent soil moist. This way, you don’t have to water your plant all the time. This also works for individuals with very hectic schedules. Now, you can work all you want without having to worry about who takes care of your plant in the home.

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Happy Frog Organic Soil Mix by Fox Farm

If you’re planting your snake plant inside the home, you better use this potting mix. Happy Frog potting soil is alive with beneficial microbes and fungi that help break down organic matter and provide nutrients for succulents.

Fox Farm is a brand known for using the highest quality succulent mix. Also, think about composted forest humus, bat guano, and earthworm castings – it has it all.

Miracle-Gro 8 Qt. Cactus Mix

This is probably the best of all succulent mixes. This type of Miracle-Gro is created especially for succulents and cactus, to provide coarse ground soil that easily drains water. This soil alone is enough and you don’t worry about adding perlite and pumice. It’s complete with all the things you need to grow a beautiful and healthy snake plant such as sphagnum peat moss, sand and perlite, and other forest products.

Things To Consider For Your Snake Plant’s Soil

A snake plant leans towards a light loamy soil that channels well. It must have 5.5 to 7.0 on the pH scale. Rather than gathering up soil from an outside garden bed or yard, which can become compacted with bugs or microscopic organisms, use commercial soil that is free from diseases.

Types of Soil for Snake Plants

Snake plants can endure different gardening mixes. And they aren’t excessively finicky about compost. Truth be told, they can endure natural and organic fertilizers. While a few assortments of snake plants exist, cultivators are probably not going to observe a preparing blend named explicitly for the plant. All things considered, feel free to choose from our list above.

NPK Ratio

The snake plant favors a reasonable proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). We say the best proportion is 10-10-10. However, it will endure somewhat various proportions. The soil blend might have a foreordained NPK proportion, but you can change the NPK proportion by adding a well-balanced fertilizer to it.

Supplements and Micronutrients

Notwithstanding the three essential NPK supplements, a snake plant benefits from hints of micronutrients in the dirt, including boron, manganese, zinc, and copper, which are frequently normally some portion of natural fertilized soil blends. On the other hand, they can be added to the soil when the landscaper treats the plant at least twice a year.


What Ph Do Snake Plants Like?

Snake plants like 5 to 6pH level. Like many other succulents, snake plants like acidic soil because they can absorb more nutrients. Also, it helps snake plants thrive better than in ordinary soil.

Can I Use Succulent Soil for Snake Plant?

Yes. Pre-mix succulent soil is even better because they readily contain all the components of great potting soil. Although snake plants are not choosy about soil, using a succulent mix can help them develop brighter, more vibrant, and shinier leaves. It also helps them become more beautiful. Especially if you desired to place your snake plants inside your home, you shouldn’t settle with just any other soil. Some souls can develop foul smells later on because of bacterial build-up.

What Is the Best Potting Mix for Snake Plant?

The best potting mix for snake plants is the one with a good acidity level, drains well, and is loaded with nutrients like the list we have made above. Just choose at least one mix that you would want to go by. We don’t, however, recommend combining all of them as this might be an overkill for your plant.

How do I make a Snake Plant Drainage?

Almost all pots sold in malls have holes in them. However, if you’ve been eyeing a pot without holes, you can still have them. The key is to drill a hole where the water excess can flow. Another option is to place river rocks or lots of pumice in the base where the excess can flow. If this is the case, you don’t have to water your snake plant until everything dries up. Moreover, you have to expose your snake plant under 4-6 hours of sunlight to help the water drain.

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