Can Succulents Be Grown In Office Spaces? 4 Varieties Guaranteed To Thrive

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Can succulents be grown in office spaces? Take a look at this article, we believe you will find out a lot of useful information.

Hate going to work? Bored of your colleagues or the same repetitive work you do 5 days a week? Have a lack of inspiration? – We understand you completely!

We are exposed to the screens of our computers, laptops, and mobile phones for hours every day. Add to that the boring white walls of the office. Uhhhhhh! Either way, we think we know what the problem is.

Trust us, never underestimate the power that this small and seemingly ordinary plant can bring to your space. Adding just a few plants to your desk can help your mood, health, and productivity. However, can succulents be grown in office spaces? Let’s find out below.

Can Succulents Be Grown In Office Spaces?

Decorating your office desk with some greenery is an excellent way to add liveliness to a somewhat boring everyday life. Did you know that there are some studies that claim that a live plant can increase productivity by 15%? In addition, it is very important to emphasize that living water plants can improve your mood and reduce the chances of sickness.

So, can succulents be grown in office spaces? The answer to this question is yes! What’s more, succulents can not only survive when grown in an office but can also thrive significantly in low-light conditions.

These are some of the reasons that could persuade you to decorate your office with these amazing plants:

  • They decrease depression, anger, and fatigue.
  • They reduce stress, sickness, and absenteeism.
  • Among other things, succulents are a very popular choice for office desks because they greatly improve focus, purify the already heavy and stuffy air, and perhaps best of all, stimulate creativity.

 Can a succulent survive in an office without sunlight?

How Often Should You Water Succulents In An Office?

This is probably the number one question that bothers not only beginners in this hobby but also many experienced gardeners. – For a good reason.

Watering can help your plant thrive, but it can also kill it. It all depends on the time interval as well as the amount of water the plant receives. Your succulent’s life literally hinges on water, and no, we’re not kidding.

In short, the amount and frequency of watering depend on the season. Accordingly, you should water the plant every other week during hot summer days, especially when temperatures are extremely high. Don’t skip regular watering.

The situation is slowly starting to change with the arrival of colder months. The plant then goes into hibernation and doesn’t require watering as often as in summer. So, during the cold and long winter period, you only need to water your succulent once a month.

However, as you might guess, every rule has an exception. Namely, there are some types of succulents that simply require more frequent watering, and then it’s mostly okay to skip the general rule. They are mostly species with small leaves whose physiognomy simply doesn’t allow retaining a large amount of water. If this is the case with your succulents, feel free to water them once a week in the non-winter months, or when they seem thirstier than usual.

Oh yeah, you probably laughed when you read that succulents can be thirsty, but that’s not far from the truth. Wondering how to identify a thirsty plant? Well, it’s very simple, namely, its leaves can look a little wrinkled.

Can A Succulent Survive In an Office Without Sunlight?

Yes, succulents can survive and even thrive in office spaces that lack natural light. However, keep in mind that it will not be an easy job, you can expect some challenges.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Keep the soil dry, not too soggy, and avoid excessive watering.
  • Choose a well-draining potting mix.
  • If the office has absolutely no light, try to give your plant at least artificial light.

If you try to follow these three rules, you will give your plants a higher chance of surviving low-light conditions indoors.

Can I Put A Succulent In A Room With No Windows?

As you probably know, the lack of sun can do a lot of damage not only to people but also to plants. These plants prefer to grow near sun-filled, south-facing windows, however, if you cannot provide them with perfect conditions, there is no reason to give up, namely, you can find a lot of species that can survive in low light conditions.

However, it should be emphasized that there is no plant that will survive a complete lack of light. If you live in an apartment that has very little natural light, or worse, none at all, consider purchasing a small tabletop grow light.

After seeing how well they can succeed in such conditions, we always gladly recommend investing in artificial growth lights. Exposure to such light six to eight hours a day should be fine. Also, remember that the lights turn on and exclude every day to imitate the cycle of day and night. Trust us, a few succulents can brighten up even the darkest corner of the room.

 Can I put a succulent in a room with no windows?

Is There A Succulent That Doesn’t Need Sun?

Now that you know the correct answer to the question “can succulents be grown in office spaces”, let us tell you a few more sentences about a rather unusual type of succulents.

Although at first, you might not think that this is possible, there are actually some types of succulents that simply grow better or just as easily in dark environments. Our favorites are Snake Plant, Zebra Plant, Donkey’s Tail, and Jade Plant.

To Conclude: Can Succulents Be Grown In Office Spaces?

The answer is yes, to everyone’s surprise, there are a lot of species of succulents that can survive and even thrive in low light conditions.

We hope that this post has given you enough information if you are considering placing this amazing plant on your office desk.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.

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