Can You Replant Money Trees?

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So can you replant money trees?

Money trees are among the favorite plants for both beginners and expert gardeners. Not only that it’s attractive but it is somehow attached to the Chinese belief that it will bring good luck.

Native to eastern countries, the money tree is characterized by its large palmate leaves that give a tropical vibe blended with a smartly braided trunk. According to Chinese mythology, it symbolizes prosperity, abundance, and lots of blessings. It’s very beautiful and perfect for indoor growing.

Whether you’re a beginner or not, these tips will definitely help you grow a healthy and thriving succulent.

Facts About Money Tree Plant That You Want to Know

The Chinese Money Tree is also known as multiple Pachira Aquatica, which is usually braided together upon growth. It is a member of the mallow family Malvaceae, which grows perfectly in tropical countries. You can find these plants in Central and South America.

Nowadays, money tree plants are commonly grown in many homes and offices because they can survive with very little care. Many people try to decorate it with red ribbons and other symbols to make it look more attractive. It can accentuate a dull corner, or be used as a welcome plant.

 how often to repot money tree

Money Tree and Symbolism in Ancient Chinese Belief

A legend was brought into the world alongside the development of the Money Tree:

A man who was on a bad streak petitioned God for success, and before long found the cash tree and brought it back home. He before long understood that from its seeds he could develop a lot more trees. He made a business offering these wonderful trees to other people and made his fortune.

For that reason, the Money Tree is a famous gift in East Asian culture – in business as well as private issues. In Feng Shui, there are a few plants that are believed to bring financial abundance, yet the Money Tree has been favored in numerous ways.

First, it has five leaves which symbolize the five elements – water, fire, wind, metal, and earth. Second, finding a stalk with 7 leaves is very rare. So, if your money tree plant produces a 7-leaf stalk then immense luck must be coming your way.

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Care Tips for Your Money Tree


Although the money tree is succulent, the plant prefers rather moist and clammy water. Instead of overwatering your plant, try to water alternatively on different days. This time frame will rely upon your area’s environment, so give close consideration in the initial not many long stretches of really focusing on your cash tree. When you find out about the example, you can lay out a watering schedule.

However, assuming that you have a couple of tropical plants, you should seriously mull over putting resources into a humidifier, or explore a stone plate, to keep them flourishing! Once more, this relies upon the environment of your area.

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Light and Climate

Since cash trees are just winter solid to USDA zones 10-12, they ought to be developed inside many pieces of the United States. They can endure direct daylight and even shade, however, they will in all actuality do best in splendid, aberrant light. Track down a decent radiant space for them, in a perfect world with a south-bound window!


Money trees need well-draining soil even though they like dampness. Before you pot your tree, sprinkle a couple of rocks or a rock in the lower part of the pot to advance waste. Then, utilize a free, penetrable gardening soil blend. You can add perlite, peat greenery, or sand to the preparing blend for the best outcomes.


To meet the sustenance needs of your cash tree, it’s really smart to utilize manure during the plant’s development time frame. Fluid manure pursues an extraordinary decision because the plant can ingest the supplements all the more rapidly and productively. While your plant will profit from this additional plant food, it can turn out to be excessively thin if over-treated. The best practice is to prepare at regular intervals from May until September.

 Should I water my money tree after repotting?


When Should You Replant a Money Tree?

The perfect time to replant a money tree is in the spring or summer. Take note, however, that money trees only require repotting every 2-3 years. After repotting, you must expose them to the proper amount of bright, indirect light. But you still can place them inside your home. Just make sure to rotate it from time to time so it gets enough sunlight.

Should I Water My Money Tree After Repotting

Technically yes. Give your plant a little treat after repotting to help it acclimate to its new home. Most plants often experience distress during repotting and water will provide the nutrient it needs to cope with it gradually. Also, don’t expect your plant to continue growing right away. While your plant takes time to acclimate, it will show some signs such as having pale and droopy leaves for a while until it fully grows.

How To Report A Money Tree?

To report a cash tree, pick a pot that is just marginally greater than your root ball, and ensure it has appropriate waste openings. At the point when your pot is too enormous, it will permit the plant to clutch more water than it needs, which prompts root decay. On the off chance that your pot doesn't have openings, place charcoal at the lower part of the pot to take into account waste. For the soil, choose a mix containing peat, pine bark, vermiculite, or perlite.

How Often To Report Money Tree?

You can repot the money tree after 2 years or when the situation arises. For example, if your plant has been infested by insects or pests, then replanting must be necessary. Yellowing leaves, root rot, or drying money tree also calls for immediate repotting. These issues are normally caused by improper soil, too much watering, or too much sunlight exposure. Again, proper diagnosis is compulsory before doing anything to your plant.

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