When Do Succulent Stop Stretching IN Flower?

When Do Succulent Stop Stretching In Flower

So, when do succulent stop stretching in flowers? Well, one of the most common challenges, when growing succulents indoors, is the lack of natural sunlight exposure. As you may know, succulents are sun-loving plants and most of them need sun exposure to at least 4-6 hours of sunlight every day. But when you are growing … Read more

How to Hollow out a Log to Make a Succulent Planter

How To Hollow Out A Log To Make A Succulent

Are you looking for information on how to hollow out a log to make a succulent? If you have a pile of logs laying around your yard, don’t chop them into firewood yet. This blog is for you! Did you know that you can make a succulent log out of those woods in your backyard? … Read more

How Long Do Aloe Plants Live?

How Long Do Aloe Plants Live

So how long do aloe plants live? If you are a succulent collector, it is no surprise that the aloe vera plant is a mainstay. Aloe vera is a variety of succulents characterized buts its long and pointed leaves. Depending on the variety of aloe vera, their leaves could have natural white spots or stripes … Read more

How to Split Aloe Plants Properly

How To Split Aloe Plants Properly

Learning how to split aloe plants is pretty simple. However, unlike other plants aloe vera plants often produce masses of babies, which are evident in their composition. When your aloe vera has started to develop lavish leaves and outgrow the pot, it is time to divide and repot them. Utilize these tips for dividing aloe … Read more

Is Sansevieria Poisonous to Cats?

Is Sansevieria Poisonous To Cats

Is sansevieria poisonous to cats?  Sansevieria trifecta is a popular house and office plant. Many believe it is a “good luck” plant but actually, it helps filter the air in your room. It is a great plant to place in any dull corner. Even so, you should be careful when you have pets. The sansevieria … Read more

How to Make a Hole IN a Ceramic Pot Without a Drill

How To Make A Hole In A Ceramic Pot Without A Drill2

So, how to make a hole in a ceramic pot without a drill? You’ve probably bought those cute pots from a Chinese store and now you can’t wait to use them for your plants. But wait, the ceramic pots you’ve bought do not have any holes. But first, can you use pots with no drainage … Read more

Why Is My Jade Plant Dropping Leaves and Branches?

Why Is My Jade Plant Dropping Leaves and Branches

Why is my Jade plant dropping leaves and branches? Well, you are not the first one to ask this. Jade plant branches falling off could be due to a variety of reasons, which we are going to find out today.  Also known as Crassula Ovata, the jade plant does best when you leave it be. … Read more

How Often Do I Water Aloe Vera

How Often Do I Water Aloe Vera

How often do I water aloe vera? This is a popular question for many first-time gardeners. If you are faced with the same dilemma, you have come to the right place. Today on the blog, we will tackle watering techniques for aloe vera, including solutions to the most common problems connected with improper watering. Aloe … Read more

My Aloe Vera Roots Broke off – What to Do

My Aloe Vera Roots Broke Off – What To Do

So, your aloe vera roots broke off. Aloe vera plants are one of the favorite succulent varieties. They are easy to love when they have long and plump leaves. Normally, they would have lush green colors – some have stylish white dots or stripes – depending on the variety. While succulents can grow with very … Read more

How to Collect Seeds from Hens and Chicks

How To Collect Seeds From Hens And Chicks

So how to collect seeds from hens and chicks? As you may know, hens and chicks plants don’t just grow from stem cuttings. You can also grow them from seeds. If you are a first-timer and you want to propagate them via seeds, you can collect seeds from your mature plants. It’s always a gamble … Read more