Why Is My Desert Rose Plant Care For Yellow Leaves?

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Learning the best desert rose plant care for yellow leaves is crucial for a healthy, thriving blossom. Read on to learn some techniques to revive your plant.

The desert rose plant is a true beauty in the cactus world. It is also known as Adenium obseum, which is both beautiful and resilient. Since they are so lovely, many people wonder how to care for them and prevent their leaves from turning yellow. Growing a desert rose from seed or cuttings is not hard at all. Check

 Is Your Desert Rose Leaves Turning Yellow?

Desert Rose is a tropical plant with deep, evergreen leaves. They can grow best in winter hardy in USDA hardiness zones 10-12. For this reason, you should keep them as a houseplant. It needs ultimate protection from the cold, especially when you live in a naturally cold region.  

When grown outdoors or in a very cold place, the plant’s leaves may turn yellow. Its leaves can also drop, which is a signal for a transition into a dormant state. If you want to know the answer to the question: “Why are the leaves on my desert rose turning yellow” read the following information.

adenium leaves turning yellow


Consistent with its name, Desert Rose is a plant that truly grows in tropical locations. During the developing season, utilize the douse and-dry strategy for watering. Like other cactus varieties, desert rose plant care for yellow leaves involves less frequent watering.


Just because the Desert Rose is a desert plant doesn’t mean you will completely do away with the watering. A minor watering technique is still needed for it to thrive. 

Assuming your Desert Rose stays dry for a drawn-out period, you will see your adenium leaves turning yellow.

That means, if you leave your desert rose is completely bone-dry soil such as you haven’t watered it for a couple of months, then it will gradually lose its leaves. In the worst-case scenario, your plant may die.

Wrong soil

Regardless of whether you lessen watering, a Desert Rose can experience the ill effects of an excess of water if not planted in decent fertilized soil.   

These desert plants in all actuality do well with a pointedly depleting, dirty, sandy soil. Utilize a preparing combination suggested for prickly plants and succulents and a pot with seepage openings.

Nutrient deficiency

Although Desert Rose is anything but a weighty feeder, it needs some sustenance. During the developing season, prepare pitifully – week after week.

Invigorate the plant a half portion of adjusted 20 – 20 – 20 fluid compost one time each week. Quit treating throughout the cold weather months.

Low light

All plants need daylight to create chlorophyll and develop green leaves. Keep your Desert Rose plant in a low light setting during the torpid period. Move the plants to a brilliant radiant spot during the developing time frame.

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Why Are The Leaves Falling Off My Desert Rose?

Nothing is more painful than seeing the leaves of your desert rose falling off. In some cases, you may not realize how bad the condition of your desert rose is. If the leaves of your rose plant are falling off that means, your plant could be suffering any of the following problems.

Severe rotting

  • Root rot
  • Stem rot
  • Leaf rot

Yellow leaves signal that they’re soon going to fall. Proper desert rose plant care for yellow leaves is necessary to restore them to normal.


  • Prune away leaves and stems that display contagious disease manifestations. To forestall spreading organisms:
  • Utilize a disinfected cutting instrument. You don’t have to buy expensive pesticides. A great option is to mix dawn dish soap with water and vinegar. To find out how to do it, you can check it out here.   
  • Wipe the sharp edge with isopropyl alcohol between cuts. This will help drive pests away in the safest way possible. 

While the plant is recovering, splash it week after week with a fungicidal combination, for example, a Neem oil shower. 

  • You can purchase a neem oil spray from online shops. 
  • Blend two or three tablespoons of neem oil into a gallon of water for a powerful, regular treatment.
  • Assuming that the plant needs repotting new soil alongside a new, perfect (or sanitized) holder. 

why are the leaves falling off my desert rose

Best Desert Rose Plant Care For Yellow Leaves 

 Caring for a desert rose plant is not very difficult at all. You can have as many rose plants as you can. To know the best desert rose plant care for yellow leaves, check this out. 

  • Expose your plant to at least 4-6 hours of sunlight. While it can be a great indoor plant, sun exposure is needed to ensure green leaves. The light spectrum coming from the natural rays of the sun, especially between 7-10 a.m. is crucial for the plant’s photosynthesis. 
  • Waterless frequently. If the soil is already dry, you have to give your plant some watering. A well-balanced watering technique is indispensable for your desert rose plant. 
  • Put fertilizer on the soil. Dilute fertilizer in 20-20-20 liquid plant food once per month except during the winter season. As we have said, the rose plant is not one of the plants that grow well during the winter days.
  • Watch out for mealy bugs, scale, and spider mites. If your plant’s leaves have completely turned yellow, try to remove them from the pot as they might need repotting. When you repot, try to use a terracotta pot, which helps drain the soil well. It is also important to use the correct size of the pot, which is medium to large size. 

When replanting, make sure that the sap doesn’t come in contact with your skin. Adenium desert rose plant of the Dogbane family has a poisonous sap that causes an allergic reaction. With a little patience, you could grow a healthy desert rose plant.

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