Tips For Making An Effective DIY Spider Mite Spray

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If you are looking for a guide on how to make a DIY spider mite spray, you are basically in the right spot. Spider mites are common problems with succulents. They can happen in both outdoor and indoor plants but they are found more in plants that are placed indoors.

If you have an indoor garden and your plants are attached to spider mites, you need a natural spider mite repellent. A DIY spider mite spray is not very helpful not only in ensuring your plants are insect-free but it also keeps the quality of your indoor air.

How Do I Develop My Own DIY Spider Mite Spray?

Thinking about how to kill the smallest of the arachnid family members? Relax, you’ve gone to the right place.

The smallest member of the 8-legged family is the worst thing about your houseplants’ presence and will test even the most green-fingered star. Normally, when plants are anxious from sweltering climates and drying out, they are particularly defenseless against insect parasites who flourish in dry, warm conditions.

The least demanding method for identifying whether spider mites are on your plant is by their webbing. They produce flimsy silk-like networks to secure themselves and their eggs. The webs become bigger as more spider mites  

Another obvious sign is spider mites are plant damage. Search for faded, yellow, or stained leaves. On the other hand, if you see minuscule white or earthy colored spots under the leaves it’s a warning of their presence.

 Now let’s learn some ways to develop DIR spider mite spray. 

Water, Water, Water!

diy spider mite spray

At the start of the growing season, you need to be on the lookout for spider mites. However, the first and most effective solution for spider smite is water. For outdoor plants, you can get your garden house as the first line of defense against these notorious insects. 

Shower your plants with water. Spider mites can live in succulents with very dry leaves and soil. For indoor plants, you might need to wash the leaves with water. Just wet your hand and carefully rub the leaves of your beloved succulents. 

Soap and water: the easiest DIY spider mite spray

Soap and water is an effective homemade spider mite killer. You can use a liquid or powder detergent to get rid of stubborn spider mites.

If you see that the infestation of spider mites is severe, you can use soap and water. Just mix a detergent in a bowl of water. Wet your hands with it and carefully rub the leaves off with spider mites. Use glovers whenever necessary. 

For thorny succulents, you need to use rubber gloves and cotton buds to get into hard-to-reach corners. If the spider mites are too severe to remove, you may need to replant your succulent in another pot. In this case, cut the leaves with spider mites and throw them away. 

Then plant the remaining cutting in a new pot. You have to clean and disinfect the old pot if you want to use it some other time for your other plants. 

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A Good List Of Natural Spider Mite Repellent

natural spider mite repellent

Essential oils

study in 2017 has revealed that essential oils with chamomile, spearmint, and rosemary can kill spider mite eggs and even adults. To use this DIY method, just fill a spray bottle with water and add a few drops of your essential oils with these ingredients. Then spray it to the affected leaves.

Hot peppers

Extracts from peppers such as chime peppers, jalapenos, Chile, and cayenne peppers can effectively help get rid of spider mites. 

These peppers killed around 45% of grown-up bug vermin according to a study, which makes it a good DIY spider mite spray. 

Other pepper assortments, for example, lemon drop peppers and Bishop’s crown peppers, likewise repulse bug bugs. To use it, just add a pepper powder to a bottle of water and spray it on the spot that is affected with spider mites. 

Rubbing alcohol

The rubbing alcohol you have around the house likewise can kill insect parasites. Douse cotton balls in rubbing alcohol and wipe across the foliage of plagued houseplants. Allow either the dish to cleanser or rubbing alcohol sit on the plants a couple of hours, and afterward flush the leaves completely with water.

Can I make spider mites spray with dawn recipe? 

Of course, yes. The dawn dish soap when mixed with water can make a great DIY spider mite spray. Dawn is a popular American brand of dishwashing liquid owned by Procter & Gamble. It is used for dishwashing and for removing grease from other items. It is very effective and also makes a great killer of spider mites.

What are the benefits of using DIY spider mites spray?

  • The best thing about making a DIY spider spray is that you can save money and time going to the nursery just to get a chemical-based spider mite killer. Moreover, it is very effective. If you don’t have a dawn dish, just find anything you can use in your home. It could be a bar soap or a powder soap for laundry. 
  • It helps keep your indoor quality at the normal level. Using chemical-based spider mites’ killers may not be good, especially if you have kids and pets.   
  • DIY spider mite sprays are ultimately eco-friendly. They contain fewer allergens compared with other commercial products. These allergens can include synthetic fragrances, soy, ammonia, gluten, caustics, and formaldehyde.
  • DIY sprays are cruelty-free. Besides being able to help you save some time and money, making your product to kill spider mites is a cruelty-free way to deal with pests. 

So, are you ready to help your succulents thrive again? If you have some signs of spider mites’ infestation, you can use the methods above to get rid of them. But first, check on the leaves and diagnose your plants. Some signs of withering could be brought by factors such as underwatering, improper soil, or incorrect pot size. When the issue is properly diagnosed, you will have a higher chance of finding the right solution.

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