How Big to Succulents Grow?

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The succulent plant family is one of the oldest plant families, and these plants are known for their ability to thrive in conditions that most other plants cannot. Because they can be grown almost anywhere with minimal care, succulents seem like a great choice for your next home garden project. But what about those big questions? How big do succulents grow?

Succulents grow bigger in bigger pots. However, they will also grow smaller if their roots are not given enough space to spread out and take up the extra room. Read more in detail here: do succulents grow bigger in bigger pots.

How do you repot a large succulent?

A: To repot a large succulent, you should first remove the soil from the pot and then cut off the top of the plant. Next, you should use a spoon or chopstick to gently scrape away any remaining soil on the roots. Then, you should add new soil to fill in the empty space. Finally, you can place your plant back into its original pot.

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