How Hot Can Succulents Tolerate?

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From gardening to succulents, they are the perfect plant for your home. But many people worry that their leaves and stems can’t handle hot weather or intense sunlight. Yet there’s plenty of evidence supporting growing them in almost any climate.

The “how to heal sunburned succulents” is a question that was asked on the Succulent Forums. The “How Hot Can Succulents Tolerate” article will answer this question.

What plants do well in morning shade and afternoon sun?

A: Morning shade plants are usually succulents and cacti. These need a lot of light to grow, so they will do well in the morning. Afternoon sun plants are usually flowering plants that need less light than succulents and cacti.

Succulents are a type of plant that can tolerate many different climates. They grow in places with high temperatures, but they need to be watered often. Reference: what climate do succulents grow in.

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