How Long Do Aloe Plants Live?

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So how long do aloe plants live? If you are a succulent collector, it is no surprise that the aloe vera plant is a mainstay. Aloe vera is a variety of succulents characterized buts its long and pointed leaves. Depending on the variety of aloe vera, their leaves could have natural white spots or stripes with thons on the edges.

The aloe vera leaves contain a gel, which is commonly used as herbal medicine. Aloe vera looks quite like the agave plant, however, they are not related to each other. Even so, the agave plant is also called “American Aloe”

 One way to distinguish the two plants from each other is through their flowers, which look very different. Their leaves are also different as the aloe spears can easily be snapped off from the mother plant. On the other hand, Agave Parryi is tough and fibrous. You will need a sharp tool to cut it.

But how long do aloe plants live? In truth, plants can live for 12 – 16 years and can weigh up to 1.5 kilograms. The plant matures when it reaches 4 years old.

How Long Do Aloe Plants Live and Prolong Its Life? 

The aloe vera plant is very easy to grow and propagate. You can easily grow it and prolong its life given the proper care. Aloes are extremely simple to propagate and multiply. Aloe can develop offsets quite quickly, which usually appear at the base. The following are some tips to extend your aloe plant’s life.

What Are The Aloe Vera Light Requirements?

So, how fast does aloe vera grow? Your plant can grow quickly if you give it the requirements it needs to grow. These sun-loving African plants like to be in a bright window. They appreciate being outside during warmer months.

Even though they truly do like full sun, watch out for yours. If your young aloe vera plant shows signs of weltering or withering, you need to expose to the sun.

What Are The Aloe Vera Light Requirements

What Is The Aloe Vera Temperature Tolerance?

As a houseplant, aloe is alright with standard room temperature conditions. The test is simple. If you are comfortable with the temperature, then your aloe vera plant should be okay. How long do aloe plants live in cold regions?

In truth, aloe vera plants can still live from 6 to 12 years even in cold regions. As long as the aloe vera is kept at the proper temperature.

Keeping your plant in a somewhat cooler setting (60 degrees Fahrenheit) in winter is adequate. For regions in USDA cold hardiness zones 9-11, your aloe plants will also live.

Growing Aloe Vera – How Often To Water?

Aloe vera plants don’t need much water. During the developing season, water well and afterward permits the soil to practically dry before watering once more.

In winter, decrease watering, particularly if you are keeping your aloe in a cool room.

What Is The Best Soil For Aloe Plants?

The best soil for aloe vera plants is in well-draining soil. It is best if you mix a good quality potting soil 50/50 with an inorganic grit. It helps aloe vera leverage from good nutrition and drainage. How long do aloe plants live in loamy soil?

We do not usually recommend using loamy soil for succulents like aloe vera. This type of soil can hold more water and sometimes cause waterlog, which can later cause root rot.

Loamy soil may be ideal for other plants that need a lot of water. Moreover, well-draining soil, especially those with pumice could be advantageous for your aloe vera. You will see the benefit once your aloe vera grows.

When your aloe vera needs repotting, loamy and muddy soil will hold the roots together that it is almost impossible to separate them. Whereas, sandy soil makes it easy to separate aloe pulps so you can replant them.

 Aloe Vera Plant Life Cycle 

The aloe vera plant has a very unique characteristic since it reproduces sexually and asexually. 

When aloe reaches maturity, it mimics the structure of the original plant and creates a small look-alike. In creating new aloe plants, some people wait for the small bulb to form and then they separate it. Once you see the bulb, you can report the bulb.

First, aloe plants grow seeds. Once you plant the seeds on the ground, they can germinate and develop a sprout. This sprout will later on become a seedling, forming a young aloe plant. When this happens, you need to support your plant with the right watering technique, temperature, and sun exposure.

Aloe plants can grow into mature plants in a matter of weeks but it will take 4 years for them to fully mature and develop flowers. These flowers contain seeds, which can fall on the ground on their own and develop into new seedlings.

On the other hand, mature aloe plants can develop bulbs that you can report to propagate your aloe vera collection.

How Long Do Aloe Plants Live In Colder Climates?

So how long do aloe plants live in the colder climate? Since aloe vera are succulents, they become dormant during cold weather days. Aloe vera can grow outdoors for plant hardiness zones 10 and 11. The average temperatures must be above 30 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. During the warmer season, they can tolerate lows from 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you place your aloe vera indoors, it can withstand dry air. However, it will full sun to produce flowers. The best thing about aloe vera is that they can adapt to partial shade in some areas. The key is to place your aloe plant in a perfect location during the winter season. 

Always follow the proper care for aloe vera especially when growing them indoors. Aloe vera can be quite sensitive during cold winter months from pest infection and root rot. If you want to learn how to take care of your aloe vera indoors, you can check it here.

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