How Long Do Succulents Take To Grow From Seeds

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So how long do succulents take to grow from seeds? Well, don’t you think the first question should be: Do succulents grow from seeds?

Succulent seeds are extremely small. As you may know growing succulents from seed isn’t dramatically different from other plants. While you might find it unusual, succulents can grow from seeds.

You can purchase succulents seed online. Nowadays, you can see various shops selling seeds from different varieties of succulents. Just be careful and buy only from legitimate succulent shops.

In this article, you will find out how to grow succulents from tiny seeds and expand your collection! Succulent seeds are the cheapest way to get lots of plants. Instead of buying new succulents every day, you can propagate or grow them yourselves.

Growing Succulents From Seeds: Tips For Beginners

 Growing succulents from seeds may take time. But while most waiting games bore you, we promise you that this won’t.  

The first step to growing succulents from seeds is to purchase seeds from reputable sources. 

Many seeds look like dust. It is easy to mistake them for something else.

The best thing about growing succulents from seeds is finding more rare species. Moreover, seeds are easily shipped. Compared with lived plants, shipping from other regions is risky. You may end up with a dead plant in a box.

You can purchase succulent seeds on Amazon or Etsy. Just make sure you read through the review before making a purchase. The good news is succulent seeds are not very expensive.

 how to grow succulent seeds

 How To Grow Succulent Seeds – Supplies

 Once you have your seeds, it is time to gather your tools. To learn how to grow succulent seeds you will need to have the following:

A Shallow Planting Tray

An ideal planting tray must have drainage holes in the bottom. It must be shallow because you don’t want to retain a lot of water. Otherwise, your seeds will die. Succulents need proper drainage

Well-Draining Soil

There plenty of potting mix in the market. You can even purchase only for a perfect potting mix. Even so, you can try and make your own. Use soil that will work for your succulents even when they are fully grown.  

You can mix gardening soil with pumice, pebbles, and coconut coir. Pumice and pebbles helped with the draining. This way, your seeds will not drown.

Plant Dome

You can purchase a plant dome from garden supply stores. Most online sellers that sell succulent seeds normally have plant domes. The plant dome will protect your seeds from direct sunlight. 

How To Plant Succulent Seeds

Since succulent seeds are so tiny, handle them with extra care. Clean your workspace before planting. Start by filling your tray with your potting mix.

Wipe down your potting area completely. Also, clean your hands after working with the soil before opening your seeds. You don’t want to mix them up with the seeds.

Carefully remove the seeds and pour them on one hand. Then pour them slowly into the potting mix. Since they are easily blown by the wind, make sure you are working in a secure area.

Once you have poured the seeds, lightly push them into the tray. Spread them along the surface of the soil. Leave enough space between the seeds for larger succulents. So when they grow they have enough space between each other.

Next, cover the tray with the plant dome. This protects the seeds from direct sunlight. It also prevents the seed from being blown away by strong winds.

Growing Succulents From Seeds: Watering Time

Succulents need light to germinate. You also need to water constantly.

The best way to water the seeds is by flooding the container from below. This prevents seeds from being washed off the container.

A seed tray should give the option for you to apply the water from down below. Next, allow the water to be absorbed into the soil. Add more water as needed.

After watering, cover the seed tray. Keeping the cover on the tray also helps with slowing evaporation down. The soil has to stay moist for the seeds to grow. Make sure to add water as needed.

Put the seed tray in a less windy location. But expose it to light. Positioning it next to a bright window indoors is ideal. You must keep the temperature consistent. Don’t expose the seeds to more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit or less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Germination Time

Each type of succulent will take a different amount of time to grow. Again it is always wise to know the variety of succulents you are growing. Acquainting yourself will give you an idea of how much time you’d have to wait.

Most packaging also includes the amount of time you need to wait until germination. Generally, seeds will start growing from 2 to 3 weeks. Some succulents can take longer.

If the seeds have germinated successfully, you would see sprouts growing from the soil. If this happens, keep the same routine. However, you may remove the plant dome to give the sprouts access to airflow.

Do not report the sprouts yet. Most succulent seedlings must be left in the original plant tray for six months. Other varieties require a year before being transplanted.

For this reason, you may want to invest in good-looking plant trays. Since this will be your succulent home for a while, you want it to be dainty and decorative. This gives you less pressure of repotting.

When Should You Repot Baby Succulents

Depending on the variety of succulents, you can report them after they have grown about 2 inches. Make sure that they have a stable lead and stem. The roots should also have stabilized.

Acclimating your baby’s succulents to a new pot can be challenging. Some of your succulents may not fully grow and die. The key is to ensure there is consistent lighting, temperature, and watering technique.

After replanting, slowly water your succulents less frequently. This helps them acclimate to the soak and dry method. Eventually, they will develop hearty roots.

Did we answer your question about how long do succulents take to grow from seeds? We hope this article has helped you grow beautiful succulents in your garden. Stay tuned for more of these tips.

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