How Many Times Can You Top A Plant?

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So how many times can you top a plant?

The line between topping and pruning is slim. Sometimes, these words are used interchangeably which is why many people often end up totally pruning their plants. Topping is simply cutting off the main stalk of your succulent plant to force it to develop more bushes. It helps it yield more fruits – as with the Agave plants, aloe vera, and other succulent varieties with stalks.

But why is topping your succulent plants is necessary? First of all, if you leave your plants to grow by themselves, they may not be as groomed as you expect them to be. Regular topping can help it develop vertically and focus its energy on one main stalk only.

Advantages Of Topping Your Plants

You can top plants as many times as you need. But every time you do as such, it requires 1 to about fourteen days to recuperate from the fixing. If you’re planting anything else other than succulents, that means your harvest may need to be extended.

Topping expands the number of bud locales but it also decreases the measure of the buds and builds the development time. You’ll have to observe the right equilibrium for your specific growth.

Before topping, the plant utilizes all of its energy to develop the fundamental shoot. When the shoot is eliminated, your plant will yield more shoots and branches later on.

 Does Topping increase yield?

Topping Vs. Filming – Things You Need To Know

As we have said topping and filming are somehow related but they are totally different. When topping, you cut the shoots of your plant between the nodes. With filming, you cut any new growth off at the top of the plant. But not further down the nodes.

The word ‘FIM’ is really an abbreviation for ‘Screw I Missed”. This stems from the way that a filmed plant appears as though somebody attempted to top it, however, did as such mistakenly.

Filming doesn’t diminish vertical development as much as fixing, however, it additionally doesn’t take as long for the plant to recuperate. Subsequent to filming, the plant grows four colas at the cut site, rather than two with fixing.

Generally speaking, besting normally gives better outcomes, since filming is somewhat of big wins or big losses recommendation. Here and there it functions admirably and some of the time it doesn’t.

 How many times can you re veg a plant?

Tips When Topping Your Plant

Topping your plants can bring many benefits. The good news is, it is applicable to just any type of plant. So if you have many other plants in addition to succulents, you can top them as well. Read on to learn some tips when topping your plant.

  • When you want to trim your plant, use sharp and sterile scissors to prevent from getting the cut infected. Simply soak your equipment with alcohol and then you can use it right then.
  • To begin, make a clean cut through the stem just above the lateral branches. After topping, the main stem will not grow anymore but the rest of the branches and other new shoots will take over as colas.
  • After a couple of weeks, your plant will develop new branches. When they have grown, they will have more branches than before. Now each of these branches will also develop more leaves.

 How long after topping can I top again?

Reasons Why You’re Topping Your Plant

  • Leaves are dying off because of a lack of sunlight. Topping is also the wise solution if the tip of your succulents is dying. To prevent the whole plant from dying, you can top it. For example, if your sansevieria is browning, you can top the mother plant to help it grow more leaves.
  • Your plant is growing a stalk. Agave plants and aloes commonly grow stalks when they have matured. Basically, there are several options when your plant grows stalks. Either you can keep it or top them so your plant can grow more.
  • The bottom branches are not receiving enough sunlight. If your succulent has become too big, you can top your plant and expose the leaves at the bottom. This helps your plant to receive enough sunlight.


How long after topping can I top again?

The topping should be possible over two times anyway doing as such will increment time in the vegetative stage. Test to see what is generally useful. A few experienced cultivators will top up to multiple times (or more) to acquire 32 branches and can be very much compensated for their endeavors. Sound plants typically require 2-3 days to recuperate from the garnish. In the wake of fixing, don't eliminate the leaves from that hub as these are expected to control the development of the branches from that hub. Never top during blooming as it causes a lot of pressure - which eases back development and hinders yield. Try not to top unfortunate plants. Additionally, try not to top more established, thicker development as this takes more time to recuperate.

Does Topping increase yield?

Yes. When topping the stalks of the plant, you allow the nutrients to focus on other directions of the plant allowing it to grow faster and with more bushes.

How many times can you re-veg a plant?

You can re-veg as long as you need. Many people will generally permit a month and a half before re-vegging. In any case, when you are prepared, just set your lights to 12/12 and you can begin another blossom cycle. Continue to screen your plant and feed/water as per your plant necessities in a typical manner.

Is topping multiple times possible?

Yes. You may top your plant as many times as you want. But you need to observe proper intervals. You cannot just top a plant you’ve recently pruned. Read on our guidelines above to discover the best way to top and when you can do it.

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