How Often To Water Aloe Plant Indoors

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Today on the blog, let’s talk about how often to water aloe plant indoors. Planting Aloe Vera is very easy. They are part of the succulent variety which is why they don’t require full-time care to grow.

The Aloe Vera plant is one of the common and easiest plant to grow. Aside that they are beautiful, they are also very useful. The juice from their leaves can relieve pain from burns and scrapes. You can apply them topically on the affected skin and you’ll feel relief.

Before you buy an aloe, note that you need a location that offers bright and indirect sunlight. Even when you want to place them indoor, a place near the north window would be perfect. Essentially, aloe plant doesn’t need sustained direct sunlight because they tend to dry out.

If you expose aloe vera plant to extreme sunlight they can die. Another thing is that you need to water them. Read on and learn some tricks when watering aloe plants indoor.

Watering Aloe Plants – Tips Before Planting

Do you want to grow a healthy aloe plant? Then you need to know the right techniques how often to water aloe plant indoors. The following are some tips before planting aloe plants.

  • Choose the right type of container. We recommend that you use a pot made from terracotta or porous material. Pots with porous materials can help the soil to drain between watering. These pots are also heavy enough to keep your plants stable and keep it form tipping over. You can also use a plastic or glazed pot but take note that these types of pots hold more moisture.
  • Make sure you choose a container with a hole at the bottom. If the container you chose does not have any hole, you can prick its button so it has a drainage hole. The drainage hole will help dry out the soil after watering. Too much excess water on the soil can cause rot and wilting, which is the common cause of death among aloe vera plants.
  • Choose a container that is as wide as it is deep. The leaves of your aloe plants can spread wide and long. Having a large container can help your aloe plant thrive beautifully. Their roots also need to be under the soil.
  • Create a good potting mix. Make a layer of gravel, clay balls, and perlites. You can also use pumice. The key is to make a potting mix that drains well. You can also add in your potting mix lava rock and chunks or bark.
  • If you want to encourage your aloe plant to put out new roots after planting, dust the stem of the plant with a rooting hormone powder. You can find a hormone powder in most local garden center or hardware store. But you can also buy them online.

How Often To Water Aloe Plant Indoors?

Now let’s go to how often to water aloe plant indoor? Aloe plant don’t need much watering. You only need to water them as you need to. Excessive allow plant watering can cause it to rot, often killing your beautiful plant.

Watering an aloe plant indoor is quite tricky. We suggest that you have a moisture meter so you will know how much water is already in your plant. Perfect watering techniques start with a well-draining medium. In this regard, you should buy succulent mixture. Just sprinkle a little water to your aloe plant ones in ever two weeks.

You can also try to touch the soil. If it is starting to become bone dry, you need to water it right away. Make sure you don’t pour the water directly. Sprinkling water directly to the soil will help your aloe vera to thrive.

 watering aloe plants

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Watering Aloe Plants – The Right Way To Do It

The irrigation for aloe plants should be regular enough to prevent shriveling and encourage growth. However, you should not water it excessively to avoid root rot.  Aloe plants thrive during summer and spring. During this season, you need to keep the soil moist.

During the winter, you need to change your watering schedule a bit and reduce it to 50 percent. You can water your aloe plants once every week or every other week.  If you feel the soil and it is dry, you can water it. Also, check the irrigation holes to see if the soil is mush.  If the soil is retaining too much moisture, you need to reduce your watering frequency.

How Often To Water Aloe Plant Indoors – Tips For Beginners

How often to water aloe plant indoors is an important thing to know for succulent owners. Watering a aloe deeply will build up salts which will leach from the soil.

Succulents are sensitive to minerals and chemicals in municipal water supplies. If your aloe seems peaky, we advise that you use purified or distilled water. You can add diluted liquid fertilizer once per month to the water.

Always keep the roots in check for fungal growth. Sometimes, it is too hard to know whether you have overwatered the plant until you see some fungus growing on the roots. The following are some signs of excessive watering.

  • The soil feels mushy when you touch it and no water is coming out of the drainage soil. Sometimes, you will see mold development around the corner of the pot you are using. Molds gradually develop when there is too much moisture stuck for so long.
  • The leaves start to become mushy and yellowish. When you touch them, you would notice that they are retaining more water which is not normal. In this case, you need to stop watering your plant and let it drain. Also, try to check the roots because it might have rotten over time.
  • Blistered cells in aloe plant become visible. This is a sign of edema which is often caused by too much water. If it cannot be helped, you can transfer your plant in another pot.

Note that Aloe Vera plants are succulents. They store water on their leaves and the more you water them, the more they store water in their leaves.

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