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Find some facts on how often to water hanging succulents? You know the drill: succulents are naturally sun-loving and drought-resistant plants. They can live in dry soil and harsh conditions since they are native to desert countries. Hence, they don’t need extra water.

Their fleshy leaves store water themselves and overwatering them will cause root rot. Nevertheless, many gardeners still struggle with their succulent plants. We know for sure that not everyone has got their success when it comes to growing beautiful succulents.

We absolutely understand the pain and struggle. Today on the blog, we are going to share some tips about when to water succulents. We will answer questions like when you should water your succulent? Once a week? Twice a week? Or does it depend on the container, variety, or soil?

Before we dig in more information, here’s an important rule that you need to bear in mind when planting succulents. Only water when the soil is dry. If the soil is still moist, then you need to skip watering for a day.

First-Time Gardener Asking How Often To Water Hanging Succulents

First-time gardeners often find it hard to grow succulents. So when and how often to water hanging succulents? Here are the four factors you need to consider to know how to water a succulent that is placed in a hanging pot.

Most succulents grow in the summer, so you’ll have to water them much more regularly than in the winter. They haul water out of the soil at an amazing rate as they make new stems, leaves, roots, and sprouts.

You can water three times a week, depending on some factors like light and temperature. During the winter season, adjust your watering as plants get dormant.

You can water three times a week, depending on some factors like light and temperature

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Perhaps the simplest method for killing a delicious is to give it an excessive amount of water in the colder time of year, so move in an opposite direction from your watering can from November to March. Give your delicious rest access serene aridity.

Container Size

Larger compartments should be watered less frequently in light of the fact that they have more soil that holds dampness longer.

Little, shallow holders should be watered all the more oftentimes in light of the fact that the dirt dries out faster.

Amount Of Light

Succulents that get at least 10 hours of full sun will require more water than the ones that get less light. For the most part, plants grown outside will need more water than the ones grown indoors. This is because succulents that are exposed to the sun and air can dry quickly.

This is another factor that should be considered when wondering about how often to water hanging succulents.


Plants in high humidity and cooler temperatures will require less incessant watering. When plants are exposed to moist temperatures, the soil dries slower. Hence, overwatering may place them at risk of rotting.

Are your succulents too exposed to full sun? If you have hanged your succulents on the balcony, they’ll dry faster than those hanged inside. Hence, you need to adjust your watering frequency for plants placed outdoors to at least once per week.

Constantly monitor whether it has dried up. It is best to not leave the succulents bone dry. Leaving your succulents bone dry will kill them.

How Often Should Succulents Be Watered?

Technically, watering is not very much a concern when it comes to succulents. If you want to ask how often you should water succulents, the answer is only when the soil is dry.

But for hanging plants, the question as to how often to water hanging succulents may be viewed differently. The most common succulent option for hanging pots is the string of pearls or the string of bananas.  We suggest using a succulent watering bottle with a bend watering mount. This helps you to easily control the water the comes out.

Note that plants do drink through their leaves. With hanging plants, you need to water the soil directly and avoid showering the whole plant with water. Succulent leaves that are exposed to too much water can easily develop diseases, which can cause their demise. 

Put the water to the base of the stem instead of the leaves. Make sure that you the rest of the pot as well. If you are new to succulents, you can start with a planting and watering tool kit. You can obtain it in various stores online or you may ask your local nursery. 

A plant tool kit normally has everything you need to get started. It makes your plant growing experience a lot easier. 

How Often To Water Hanging Succulents – Summary 

  • Different succulent varieties have different needs. For example, kalanchoe may need to be watered more frequently than Lithops. Without water for a week, a kalanchoe can die. But Lithops can survive even without water for a week or two. This means that you also need to know the type of succulents you have. 
  • Always err on the side of underwatering. Succulents can always bounce back from lack of water. However, recovering from too much water is difficult. 
  • If you have a community pot with various succulent varieties in one hanging container, you need to find the lowest common denominator. That means that you should only water when the driest plant starts to get thirsty. 
  • Since it is not always possible to be able to touch the soil of your hanging pot, you can schedule your watering at least once per week. Leaving your succulents dry is better than leaving them drowning with water.

We hope you got some information on how to grow a healthy succulent garden. If you want to master the art of watering succulents, you can always stay tuned for more blogs. Better yet, check out our previous blogs on growing succulents. 

We’ve got your back! When asked, how often to water hanging succulents, you can always go back to this guide and you should find your way.

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