Secret On How To Germinate Succulent Seeds

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Do you want to learn how to germinate succulent seeds? Do succulents have seeds? There are quite a lot of ways to germinate them but one thing is for sure – you can grow healthy and beautiful succulents if you know the proper way to grow them. 

Succulents continue to be a trend right now. Even for many countries, homeowners would import rare varieties of succulents to decorate their backyard. What better way to spread the succulent love than to learn how to germinate succulent seeds? 

If you want to learn how to grow succulents from seed, read on and learn a few things about these lovely plants.

Step By Step Guide On How To Germinate Succulent Seeds

Can succulents grow from seeds? Believe it or not, succulents do have seeds. Just by looking at your succulents right now, you won’t be able to see some signs of seeds growing. But as soon as your succulent bear’s flowers, they can start generating seeds. Read on to learn a few steps on how to grow succulents from seeds. 

First of all, prepare the following materials:

  • shallow planting trays with drainage 
  • Sand (a good mix of potting soil and pumice)
  • Succulent or cactus seeds
  • Toothpick
  • Clear lid or plastic wrap for trays

how to germinate succulent seeds

Buy Your Seeds From Trusted Merchants

It pays to do a little research. Search for the type of succulents that you want to grow from seeds. Among the best succulents’ varieties that can grow from seeds are echeveria, sedum, and aloe vera. 

Ensure you are purchasing from a trustworthy seed merchant since there are a lot of ill-conceived providers out there. Most business seed organizations will have genuine succulent seeds. 

Blend Your Growing Medium Or Buy A Ready-Made Succulent Soil

There are many proposed blends for developing media. Some recommend green sand just, others a blend of fertilized soil and sharp sand, pumice, or perlite. The sum you’ll need will rely upon the proportion you choose to utilize, the size of your establishing plate, and the number of plates you are utilizing.

Start Sowing Your Succulent Seeds

Succulent seeds are tiny, so you will need to do this progression in a shielded region where the breeze won’t blow them away. Hose the outer layer of the dirt so the seeds adhere to the dirt. Painstakingly spread the little seeds over the outer layer of your dirt blend, giving them some space in the middle of one another.  

When sowing the seeds, place your fingers very close to the soil. Succulent seeds are very small that they are easily blown by the wind. 

Watch Them Grow

Contingent upon the sort of succulent, temperature, and daylight, your plants might take somewhere in the range of three days to half a month to start developing. Some might even require a while to a year to sprout, so it’s vital to do your exploration when purchasing your seeds to expect to develop time. Once you see seedlings start to arise, eliminate the cover during the day to keep them ventilated.

How To Germinate Succulents Seeds And Properly Care For Them?

Of course, if you want to know how to plant succulent seeds, you should also be known how to care for them. Succulents need light to germinate but they also need water. The best way to water succulent seeds is to give access to water from below. Do not spray water on your succulent seeds or pour water into them as it might wash the seeds away.

There are two ways to water succulent seeds: seed trays or Air-o Light.

Seed Tray Technique

Using seed trays is a popular method for growing seeds because it comes with a bottom layer that makes it easy to water the growing seeds. First, you have to add water to the white container as needed. Then you set the black tray with the planted seeds down. Since the black tray has drainage soil, it will simply absorb the water beneath it. 


The second way is to use the Air-o-Light. Simply pour water into the hole near the soil until it is full. This will supply the water needed for the succulents to grow. 

How To Germinate Succulent Seeds And How To Replant Them? 

Most succulent seedlings should be left in the original planter for about six months before you replant them. You need to wait until they have fully established. 

Depending on the species of succulent, you can report it after it has grown about 2 inches and has a well-established root system. To make sure your plant grows fast, you can open the lid of your content for the first month. This technique improves ventilation and temperature to help your newly planted seed plant thrive. 

Thereafter, it’s good to lift the lid every few days for the money to let the new air in. However, you should forget to close it back so you won’t suffocate the plant.

Once it has grown, you will gradually water your seedlings less frequently to acclimate them. 

Then you can start giving them water less frequently.

do succulents have seeds

Keeping You Seeds Safe From Fungus

 If you want to learn how to germinate succulent seeds, you should also learn the best way to safeguard your plant from fungus. When water stands in one place too long, the fungus will start to grow. 

To keep your succulent seeds healthy, you can spray them with isopropyl alcohol. According to a study, isopropyl alcohol can kill fungi and prevent them from coming back. An

Here’s a friendly tip on how to germinate succulent seeds, you can choose a variety of succulents and you can put them all together in one tray. Give them the best treatment and place them in a not-so-sunny area. Make sure you don’t disturb the soil of your succulents. Sooner or later, you will be growing wonderful baby succulents.

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