How To Grow A Money Tree From A Cutting Fast?

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Do you want to know how to grow a money tree from a cutting? Read on to learn some expert tips.

The money tree is one of the most sought-after succulents by succulent lovers not only because of its attractive physical appearance but also because it’s known to bring good luck. It’s also known as “lucky plant” or “fortune plant”. According to Asian philosophy, planting this succulent in the left corner of the house or office can increase luck and bring a lot of fortune. But while it doesn’t guarantee wealth, it’s a must-have for plant lovers.

This plant boasts wonderful, deep-green leaves, which are native to the swamps of Central and South Africa and South America. It grows perfectly when cultivated outdoors in very warm weather conditions.

If you want to propagate money tree cutting, you need to start with a healthy mother plant. Money tree plant propagation is not very difficult. Following a few guidelines, you could grow healthy money trees in your garden.

All About The Money Tree Or Fortune Tree Plant

Money trees get their appealing nickname from a feng shui conviction that the tree is bring incredible fortune to whoever has it. The young trees have adaptable trunks that are frequently plaited together to “lock in” the monetary karma.

While those residing in USDA plant strength zones 10 and 11 can grow these trees in the back yard and watch them shoot up to 60 feet (18 m.) tall, most of us use them as indoor houseplants. They are very simple to keep up with and it is likewise genuinely simple to propagate the money tree. If you have a money tree, you can undoubtedly multiply your plants without spending too much on new cuttings. Here’s a tip, when you take cuttings from the mother plant, you can sell the other cuttings so you can earn a bit from your money tree. Now that’s money, right?

How To Grow A Money Tree From A Cutting Inside Your Home?

 The money tree is usually grown outside. Most Pachira Aquatica doesn’t grow inside successfully because of the lack of sunlight. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot grow them inside. Indoors, you can consider your money tree as a bonsai plant.

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First, you plant the cuttings and then you prune them regularly. Since lots of sun exposure is crucial for its growth, you need to expose it to the sunlight from time to time. The maximum height of the money tree, when grown indoors, is about 8 feet.

Just a friendly warning, growing money indoors can be quite a challenge. You won’t have a lot of success especially if it is your first time. Depending on which region you are in, you need to find the perfect blend of elements to successfully grow them inside. 

In any case, if you want to cut money trees outdoors, there are two ways you can do it. Read on the next section and you should be able to grow a healthy money tree.

Two Ways On How To Grow A Money Tree From A Cutting Outside

Of course, we have always known that money trees are grown outside. The outdoor setting can give this plant a lot of sunlight for its development. However, there are two ways you can develop them from cuttings. 

Saving A Dying Plant and Propagating It

Before you cut your plant, cautiously analyze your Money Tree for solid, dynamic segments. If you want to grow your tree from cutting, the first option is to salvage a dying mother plant. The key is to find a firm, green section of the stem, which can be cut straight.

The best choice of the stem must have 2-3 leaf nodes available at the bottom of your cutting. If you are sad that your only money tree plant is dying, you should stop fretting because cutting it is the best way to save it.

Leaf nodes are the places where leaves are developing and regularly look like knocks, or bunches, along the stem. When the leaves are taken out, and propagation begins, those nodes will fill in as the beginning stage for another arrangement of roots. Once you have the cuttings, you can start planting them in a new pot.

 Cutting From A Healthy Mother Plant

For sure you have guessed the second way how to propagate your money tree. If you only have a healthy mother plant, you can start taking cuttings from it. The steps are similar as mentioned above. The only difference is that when you cut from a healthy mother plant, you should leave some stems so your mother plant can continue to thrive.

Now that you know the first few steps on how to grow a money tree from a cutting, get yourself ready for the next step. Note that when you have your sound cuttings, enclose the cuttings’ bases with a moist paper towel, and spot the paper towel ends in a plastic pack. This will safeguard your cutting by saving it hydrated while you prepare for the subsequent stages.

Rotting Your Money Tree In The Soil

Once you have gathered the cuttings, your next goal is to ensure our cuttings will develop new roots. When planting your cuttings, take note that you have to acclimate them first. 

Make sure to get the best soil. A well-draining soil with a mix of organic fertilizers is a perfect choice if you are planting it in a pot. Succulent soil can work great with the money tree plant. If you are planting it outside, you can choose a location with direct exposure to sunlight.  

Mulch the soil and give it frequent watering while it is trying to acclimate to the new environment. Ideally, you can purchase a rooting hormone to support the transition of your cutting. While rooting hormone might sound intimidating, it is just a product designed to assist the growth of your cuttings. If you are not confident about how to propagate a money tree from a cutting, you can use root hormone to ensure fast growth.

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