How to Hollow out a Log to Make a Succulent Planter

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Are you looking for information on how to hollow out a log to make a succulent? If you have a pile of logs laying around your yard, don’t chop them into firewood yet. This blog is for you!

Did you know that you can make a succulent log out of those woods in your backyard? A succulent log is a shallow wood log planter where you can place your succulents or other small plants. It could make a perfect decoration for your home, especially on the windowsill or patio. If you have a smaller log, you can make it a centerpiece.

And best of all, this project cost less than $50. You can finish it in a day or less. Now, let’s get the ball rolling and learn how to do it.

How To Hollow Out A Log To Make A Succulent Centerpiece

To start, choose a log to your liking. Since you are making a centerpiece, try to use a log that is small or at least proportional to the size of your table. 

The significant variable here is that it is dry and not wet in the center. Then, there is an assortment of strategies to browse to burrow out the wood log. The following are two or three choices to browse: using a chainsaw to carve out the middle or using a Forstner bit in a drill hole. To form the edges, you can use different sizes of chisel.

Attach A Board To The Log To Stabilize It

Connecting a load up to the log will permit you easily hollow it out. Most logs will be at minimum to some degree barrel-shaped, and this implies that they will move on you.

Observe the steadiest side of the log. Afterward, connect a board to that side of the log. You need your baseboard to be without a doubt longer than the actual log.

Use screws to attach the board to the log. You can try to place the log a bit further back on the board so it doesn’t get too close once you start to drill it. 

Mark The Log Up and Start Cutting

Presently it will be an ideal opportunity to mark the log so that you’ll know where to cut. Utilize a marker to make an unpleasant layout of the space that you wish to burrow out for establishing purposes.

Contingent upon what you’re intending to plant in the log, you may have quite certain aspects as a primary concern. Whenever this is done, you can clip the log to the drill press with the goal that you can begin removing things.

Mark The Log Up and Start Cutting

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Chisel and Carving

If you want to know How to hollow out a log to make a succulent, you should also know how to utilize a chisel for carving. In any case, you can always self-train. Use the chisel to carve out the edges of your log planter. 

Since you are creating a log succulent planter for your centerpiece, you should smoothen your log to make it look tidy on the center table.

Prepare The Planter To Be Used

Once you have drilled a hallow and carved out the edges, you can start filling the bottom with charcoals. We recommend charcoal for the base because it can provide good drainage for your succulents. Since logs do not have holes, a layered planter will help them remain ideal for your succulence.

After layering the plant, you can start adding soil. The best soil for succulents is a mix of gardening soil and pumice. Once your planter is ready, you can start planting your favorite succulents. Once everything is ready, you can place your succulent log planter on the center table. 


How To Hollow Out A Log To Make A Succulent Decoration For Events

While the steps on how to hollow out a log to make a succulent decoration for events are the same as above, bigger logs may require more time and effort. We also recommend using a drill to carve out bigger holes. 

Now, you should decide how your succulent log planter should. There are many ways on how you can decorate it – either vertical or horizontal. For bigger and wider logs, you can make vertical planters. Unlike creating horizontal planters, vertical plants are easier because they are stable even without aboard.

 To start, simply drill a hole in the center of the log. You can drill as deep as 12 to 24 inches, depending on the variety of succulents that you want to plant. If you want to plant aloe vera for aisle decorations, deeper holes can be more beneficial. Other varieties like echeverias, hens and chicks, and American agave also need wider holes. 

Tips When Hollowing Out A log To Make A Planter

Now that you know how to hollow out a log to make a succulent planter, you also need to know some tips to make your work smooth and easy – and of course safe. Here are some tips you can follow.

  • Always choose a suitable log for your planter. If the log is about to rot, leave it and find another. 
  • Decide on how you want to use the planter – either vertically or horizontally. For bigger plants, you may want to create a vertical planter unless you’ve found a bigger log. 
  • When marking your log, do not use Sharpies or board markers. You won’t be able to mark it well. However, you can use chalk, which is a lot cheaper and more effective for logs.
  • Get the right kind of drill for the wood to prevent accidents.
  • Treat your planter as a pot. However, this time you have to make your hole. When making a hole, make sure that it is proportionate to your chosen plant. When the hole is too deep or too wide, it can have negative impacts on y our plant.
  • Once your planter is finished, think about how you would water your plant. When water, just water the soil directly instead of sprinkling water all over the place. This helps protect the log from rotting early. 

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