How to Save Overwatered Succulents?

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The best way to save an overwatered succulent is with a paper towel. Place it over the plant and leave it on until the excess water has evaporated.

The “images of overwatered succulents” is a photo that shows how to save overwatered succulents. The post also includes a list of plants that can be overwatered and still survive.

How do you bring a dying succulent back to life?

A: You should first make sure the plant is not completely dead. If its not, you can water it and place it in a sunny window. If the plant is already dead, you should put it in a pot with soil or sand and add some water to the top of the soil/sand.

Can a succulent survive root rot?

A: It is difficult to say for sure, but I would not recommend planting a succulent in the ground. If you want to plant one, its best to do so in a pot that has drainage holes and is filled with soil or sand.


Succulents are a popular plant that can be easily grown in many locations. They require little care, and they are very easy to propagate. If you have an over watered succulent, there is still hope for it! Reference: overwatered succulent propagation.

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