How To Transfer Succulents To Pot: The 3 Stupid-Simple Step Method

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Check out this article and learn how to transfer succulents to pot. Once you’ve mastered the right technique, repotting will be more than effortless.

Regardless of whether you are an expert or have just become the parent of a new plant, knowing the basic rules of repotting is crucial for a long and happy life of a succulent.

You don’t need to worry, the procedure doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s just important that it’s done correctly so that the plant is not compromised in any way. Since every plant is different and requires slightly different handling, be gentle and careful because not only can you pose a threat to it, but the plant can pose a danger to you as well.

That’s why you should take a look at this article and find out how to transfer succulents to pot without the slightest struggle.

How To Transfer Succulents To Pot

Follow our simple step-by-step process below.

Step No. 1: Take It Out Of The Old Pot

There is no process without this step, right? It would be best to start by turning the plant on its side and then grasping it by the root of the stem. It is always a smart idea to tap the bottom of the container and shake it a little bit to help loosen the soil, that way you will get the plant out much easier.

Now comes the most important step, so, gently pull the stem and remove the succulent completely from the pot. In case you have a really hard time, you can poke through the drainage holes using chopsticks to loosen the soil even more and remove the plant more easily.

Some plant parents don’t hesitate to break the pot by hammering it, of course doing it extremely carefully. We know it sounds extreme, but if you don’t regret the old pot, this is one of the safest ways to remove a plant without damaging its root system.

 Can you cut off succulent and replant?

Step No. 2: Cleaning the Root System

The next step is cleaning and drying the root system of the succulent. The procedure is very simple and requires gentle hand movements. So, simply remove as much soil as possible from the roots by brushing or gently shaking, tapping or tickling, whichever you prefer.

There is also the possibility of washing the roots with water, it is also the easiest way, but you have to make sure that the roots are dry, otherwise, you risk root rot. Experts recommend drying in a cool place away from direct sunlight for about 3 to 5 days.

Finally, if you notice that the roots may be too long, you can trim your succulent a bit to help it get more established when placed in its new pot.

Step No. 3: Place It in a New Pot

The time has come for the last step, i.e. the repotting. Before even placing the succulent in its new home, make sure to fill at least two-thirds of the pot with a quality, well-drained soil mix.

After that, all you have to do is place the succulent in the center of the pot, and cover the roots completely by adding more soil. One very important note, avoid leaving the leaves under the soil, as rotting can occur.

These were the basic steps on how to transfer succulents to pot. Below, find the answers to a few more interesting questions that we think could be of great help to you.

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When Should I Repot My Succulent?

When you buy a succulent, it usually comes packaged in those small, cheap plastic containers. They not only look terrible but can pose a great danger to the growth and development of the new plant.

Based on past experience, we argue that it is best not to wait long, but to transplant your succulent into a new container filled with well-draining soil and potting mix as soon as possible.

Furthermore, if you’ve had the plant for a while and you start to notice it dries out quickly shortly after watering, it’s time to repot. Sometimes the problem can be in the soil itself, and sometimes in the planter or pot because it may not allow good water flow to travel thoroughly around the plant. If the soil doesn’t absorb water at all, this is the most obvious sign that should not be ignored.

How Do You Separate And Replant Succulents?

If you plan to separate and replant succulent arrangements, you have a slightly more complicated task ahead of you. However, with a bit of care and patience, it is quite possible to finish it without harming the plant.

First, carefully remove the plant, do not pull its roots, and then with a sharp knife cut through the roots and separate sections, starting from the top. After you have inspected it and made sure the plant is ready for the next step, place it in the center and completely cover its roots by adding more soil.

Can You Cut Off Succulent And Replant?

Yes, it is completely safe, and in some cases even desirable to cut off, or as it is more precisely said, prune a piece of succulent and replant it.

Did you know that almost all species of succulents can be propagated by simply cutting off a small piece of the plant and planting it in a suitable potting mix? Frankly speaking, this method has proven to be the most reliable way to grow new healthy plants from a single piece.

Should Succulents Be Watered After Transplanting?

Although many would probably think otherwise, it isn’t advisable to water the succulent as soon as you transplant it. In fact, you should wait at least a week before doing this.


Whoever followed these 3 simple steps on how to transfer succulents to pot didn’t regret it. This is the most reliable method that guarantees that nothing bad will happen to you or your plant. Let’s face it, this is a pretty stressful experience for both of us.

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 Should succulents be watered after transplanting?