Tips On How To Trim A Jade Plant

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Learn how to trim a jade plant and get some cuttings that you can plant later on. Jade is one of the favorites among succulent lovers. As ancient Chinese has it, jade is a fortune plant. It’s also known as the Lucky Plant because it welcomes luck in your home. Hence, you would want to place it in strategic areas inside your home.

If you are looking for information on how to trim a jade plant, you would probably want to replant some cuttings. Or your jade plant has already matured that you to train it down.

This delightful tree-like plant is not difficult to focus on, as it doesn’t have extremely specific watering requirements. Jade flourishes in most home environments. But this is where the probably usually begins.

Your jade plant might go through years becoming increasingly tall, and you might believe it’s doing all around well, yet one day it will just… fall over. Many jades develop too high that they become unbalanced, and the single trunk can’t uphold the stature of the plant. It’s truly smart to prune your jade before it arrives at this point, so the weight is uniformly dispersed every step of the way.

Tips When Pruning Your Jade Plant

How do I make my jade plant thicker?

  • Before cutting any part of your jade plant, the first thing that you need to learn is when your jade plant needs cutting. Most jade varieties will benefit from pruning at least once a year. The best time to prune your plan is when they are very small, with less than 10 leaves. This encourages your plant to develop cute branches early. The branches make the jade plant balance. What you want to achieve for your jade plant is to look like a little tree.
  • Utilize sharp and clean apparatuses to try not to harm or spread illness to your plant. Sharp pruning shears are ideal – these are my top choice!
  • The best season to prune a jade is in the spring before energetic development starts for the season. This is particularly evident on the off chance that you keep your jade outside throughout the mid-year to give it some additional daylight!
  • Try not to allow the pruned pieces of the jade to go to squander! Leaves and branches cut from the really jade plant can be re-pruned to make new jades! A friendly tip, don’t attempt to make cuttings and propagate from an ailing plant.  
  • It is possible that the damage to the plant is caused by a transmittable disease brought by pests. As a result, your new plant will not be as healthy as you expect it to be. Never remove over 20%-30% of the plant.

Choosing the Right Soil for Your Jade Plant

While jade is very easy to grow it is sensitive to the soil you are using. Jades don’t grow much on loamy soil; hence you need to find a succulent mix that is coarse. A combination of gardening soil, pumice, and sand would make great soil for jade plants.

Moreover, you should place it in a location with exposure to indirect sunlight. Will pruning make your jade plant thicker? The answer is yes. Pruning makes jade healthy as long as you do it the right way. Well, this guide should be enough to guide you in the right direction.

7 Reasons Why Your Jade Plant is Leggy

There are many reasons that cause jade plants to be leggy such as the following:

  • Pot is too small – Use a proportionate pot for your jade plant. 
  • Not enough sunlight – Expose your jade plant to 4-6 hours of sunlight every day.
  • Poor soil condition – If you live in a region where there is no access to healthy soil, you can enhance the condition of your soil through fertilizer.
  • Too much plant in one pot – Don’t try to crowd your pot with too many jade plant cutters. Follow the 1:1 ratio when planting jade cuttings.
  • Lack of water or too much water – Always rest in between waterings. Jade plants don’t need a lot of water to thrive.
  • Wrong soil – Again, say no-no to loamy soil. Choose well-draining soil for your jade plant. 
  • Wrong pot – Jade plants are better off with terracotta pots since they can help absorb excess moisture. 

Although jade plants can grow in neglect, you need to have the proper combination of factors in order for it to grow a healthy plant. Otherwise, you will have an untidy jade plant in your home. It is important that you place our jade plant in a sunny spot. Sometimes, when there’s not enough sunlight, your jade plant will try to reach for it. Hence, the leggy stems.

Advantage of Pruning a Jade Plant

how to trim a jade plant

Despite the fact that pruning scares many gardeners, it is actually the main solution for a leggy jade plant. It is ideal to prune your jade either in the spring or late-spring months. Your plant will be in dynamic development during this time and will begin to recuperate faster. 

Assuming you have a tiny or youthful jade plant, you may simply need to squeeze off the developing tip. You can utilize your thumb and index finger to squeeze this off. You ought to have something like two new stems developing from where you squeezed it.

Assuming that you have a bigger, more seasoned plant with a few branches, you can prune your plant back more enthusiastically. Always use a sharp pair of pruning shears and ensure that the cutting edge is cleaned so that you’re not spreading disease. To do this, you can clean the sharp edge with 75% ethyl alcohol. It is better to be extra careful than feel sorry later.


Where Do You Cut A Jade Plant?

The best part where you should a jade plant is in the small branches. Look for a bushy branch and cut it with a clean scissor.

How Do I Make My Jade Plant Thicker?

There are many that affect the health of your jade plants. If you want to make your jade plants thicker, you can start by giving them some fertilizer. Water is on a less frequent basis. An important factor is to use the right succulent soil for your jade.

How Do You Keep Jade Plants From Getting Leggy?

When your jade plant becomes leggy, you need to identify what causes it. See above reasons why your jade plant is leggy and identify problem-based solutions to make your jade plant happy again.

How To Prune A Jade Plant?

The most important rule to remember when pruning jade plant is to use a clean scissor or shear. Don’t just snatch the branches as it will shake the whole plant. The next thing you know, your jade plant will start drooping its leaves.

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