Gardening 101: How To Use A Grow Tent

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So, you want to learn how to use a grow tent. For sure you have heard a lot about grow tent and how hydro gardeners have utilized it to grow wonderful plants indoors. A grow tent is a tall but compact habitat for plants grown indoors.

It comes with a reflective interior wall that can fit into most coat closets. The best led grow tent setup should be lightproof, waterproof, and must have a foil cover. 

It must also be airtight to prevent molds and other bacteria from entering your plant house.

Inside, you should see a space where you can hang a grow light and set a few plants. You must attach a fan as well. Grow tents are used for people growing high-dollar crops that they can produce for personal use. But you can also use it to grow and propagate wonderful and healthy succulents.

Think about selling succulents online and coming up with production? Learning how to use a grow tent is the best for you. 

How To Use A Grow Tent and Where To Get Them? 

There are many outlets where you can buy a grow tent. Nowadays, online platforms are taken by plant and tent suppliers so it is quite impossible to not find what you’re looking for online. 

If you decide to have an indoor garden, you can a small indoor grow tent on various online shopping platforms. The key is to find the right supplier that you can trust. Scrutinize suppliers through their background and feedback.

You can also find grow tents in your local nursery. When looking for a grow tent, be sure to carefully measure the length, width, and height. Consider the space in your home. Is your space big enough? Do you plan on turning your entire into an indoor garden? 

The tent should be slightly smaller than the space so you can easily set it up. You will also need to consider what your gardening goals are – including the size of the indoor garden you are planning and the plants that you are going to grow soon. 

On the other hand, the size of your plants can greatly affect the tent you are buying. 

Beginner’s Guide On How To Use A Grow Tent

Assemble your tent. Now that you have your tent, let’s start setting it up. If you want to learn how to keep growing tent cool, start with making sure you buy the appropriate tents. Next, complete the following tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Wire cutters
  • Screwdrivers

You will need these materials to assemble your tent. Use the poles that usually come with your package as the foundation. It takes only 30 minutes to assemble a small to medium size grow tent follow your manual.

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1. Set up the interior

  Once your tent is up, you can start setting up the interior. You should have the inline fan, clip-on fan, light hangers, carbon filters, clamps, and hygrometers in place. If you bought a complete package, you should find these things with your grow tent. If you have chosen only to buy the grow tent, you may not have enough choice but to procure each of them from your local nursery.

2. Get your ventilation on

As you may know, your grow tent has four enclosures. That means, your plants inside may not enjoy as much fresh air as they need when grown outdoors.

3. Establish your grow light

Grow mimics the effects of real sunlight. Depending on the variety of succulents, you are growing you should place your plant within 4-6 inches above your plants. Adjust it according to what is recommended for the variety of succulents you are having.

4. Put your plants inside

Start putting your plants inside. You can arrange them however you want them to appear. As long as they get direct light from your artificial source of light. 

5. Watch out for molds and fungus

Since grow tents are so small and isolated, some plants may be infected by molds and fungus. Your only concern should be that the plant inside gets enough air circulation to avoid fungi growth. 

How To Use A Grow Tent For Succulents

Now the time has come to get your LED to grow tent setup. This is frequently the part where many people experience difficulty. Yet, everything is actually very easy. 

There are a few normally developed tent ventilation arrangements. However, we suggest hanging the fan and channel inside the tent. For little to moderate-sized carbon channels, this is the best arrangement. 

It maximizes growing impression and attracts the air through the channel. This permits the air to move more slowly, expands the general adequacy of scent control while eliminating the most smoking air from the highest point of the tent. 

If your carbon channel is too huge to even consider dangling from the roof of the tent, place it on the floor inside the tent if conceivable.

Pros With Using A Grow Tent

  • Contains light within the tent for your succulents to grow well
  • Reflects light from its inner walls onto plants, hence no light is wasted
  • Makes it easier to regulate temperature and humidity considering the amount of ventilation and fan there is inside your grow tent
  • Durable and reusable for many, many years
  • Easy to be assembled dismantled
  • Perfect for indoor gardening

Cons With Using A Grow Tent

  • Bulky occupies space  
  • Comes with an upfront cost  
  • It may take some time to have the grow tent delivered to your home
  • You need to disinfect your package before using

 What Are The Alternatives To A Grow Tent?

Now that you know how to use a grow tent, you can try building it for your indoor succulent garden. In any case, there are great alternatives to grow tents. These include white walls, Mylar bits, and Aluminum foil. While grow tents come with an upfront cost, you can always improvise using the alternatives. So try to check on your garage and see where you have some tools that you can recycle for a grow tent.

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