What Is The Proper LED Grow Light Distance Seedlings?

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Talk about LED grow light distance seedlings? Today on the blog, you will vital information about growing succulents indoors and how LED grow lights can help you produce thriving plants without outside exposure.

Sure, there is a generous option of grow lights in the market. But how do you know which one to use? How far should you put the grow lights from your plants? Grow lights are very important, especially for gardeners living in the colder regions. As temperatures drop and leaves turn, western and northern countries may need to bring their succulent indoors. Additionally, grow lights can help with growing succulents from seeds.

Your home environment can provide a good temperature for succulents to thrive. But grow lights can supplement the nutrients from the sun. Now, let’s get the ball rolling and start setting up some grow lights.

Factors Affecting The Distance Between Your Plant And LED Light

There are major factors affecting the distance between your plant and grow light. The higher the wattage, the farther it should be from your plants. For example, grow lights as big as 1000+ watts should be 26-36 inches away from the plant. Lower wattage, around 200 watts can be placed around 12-20 inches.

Every plant has unique requirements in terms of light distance. Echeveria for example requires LED light to be around 18-24 inches away. If you are using a bulb light, it would suffice to have it 6-12 inches away. For the Jade plant, lights should be at least 6 inches away but should not exceed 40 inches. Cacti are some plant examples that require ambient lighting, which means bright but indirect. For this plant, you can set up the light 6-12 inches away from your succulent.

 Are LED lights good for growing seedlings?

3 Benefits Of Choosing LED Lights Over Other Lights

So why do you use LED lights instead of other types of lights? In truth, there are various options for plant lighting on the internet. However, we recommend LED light because it has more benefits than other lighting materials.

First, it has less heat. LEDs run cooler than HPS bulbs, smoothing out ventilation cycle and expenses, yet additionally bringing down natural effect.

Second, it has lesser chemicals. LED develop lights permit a profoundly controlled climate for plants, significantly decreasing the requirement for pesticides and compound medicines on plants.

Lastly, with tough development and ensured guarantee, it should be quite a while before producers think about supplanting their LED fixtures. If your lights begin losing their shelf life, you can safely dispose of them because it doesn’t contain mercury like the ordinary fluorescent bulb.

How Effective Is LED Lights On Succulents

Measuring the effects of lights on a plant will require technical knowledge.  The light produced by any type of light is measured by a lux meter. This is the amount of light output produced by every light every second. LED lights can produce up to 2,000 units of light per second. If you are succulent, it’s possible that the light is not close enough. Or it could be that the LED light is not producing enough light, which you can tell through the lux meter.

 How do you know if light is too close to seedlings?

Conclusion – Growing Seedlings With Grow Lights

Grow lights are a staggeringly valuable device for growing vegetables, spices, and blossoms from seed inside. You can utilize them to keep houseplants blissful and solid, develop microgreens, or even give supplemental light inside a nursery. Plants depend on adequate light to photosynthesize and live.

Through the course of photosynthesis, plants saddle energy from daylight and convert it into compound energy that is utilized to fuel their development. How well your plant depends on how much light it receives.

Utilizing grow lights is a simple and superb method for giving supplemental lighting amid unfavorable weather conditions or when growing plants indoors.

However, it is also important to observe the proper distance between your plants and the lights. Otherwise, your plants can either burn or become pale for the improper distance. Use this handy tip when you shop for grow lights and set them up in your nursery.


How far should LED light be from seedlings?

Generally, LED grow lights should be 12-30 inches away from the tip of your succulents. As your succulent grows, you can adjust the distance to maintain consistent space between the light and your plant.

How long should LED grow lights be on?

Grow lights are supplementary to sunlight. Consequently, it is best that you mimic the effect of the sun on plants. For succulents, you can turn them on for 4-6 hours during the day. If the day is too gloomy and your room is dark, turn on the lights for about 12 hours to mimic daylight. And then you can turn it off for the next 12 hours to mimic nighttime.

Are LED lights good for growing seedlings?

There are many types of lights you can use to grow succulents from seeds indoors. However, since LED lights emit red and blue wavelengths, which are almost similar to sun rays, it makes the best choice for your succulents. They’re ideal for early-stage plant growth and when plants start blossoming. LED light has an intensity of blue lights that help with the plant production of chlorophyll and make photosynthesis more possible. Don’t just use any kind of light. Make sure you find the best LED light with a complete spectrum.

How do you know if a light is too close to seedlings?

Even after following the generally advised distance between seedlings and artificial grow lights, it is possible that your plant may not be giving the expected result. Sometimes, you may need to customize the distance between your grow light and the seeds. For you to know if a light is too close to seedlings, you’ll need to observe your plants closely.

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