The Best Mini Succulents To Have In The Home

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So, you have decided to plant mini succulents. But hundreds of varieties of succulents, you are now confused about which one to prioritize.

Well, mini succulents make good company. However, not everyone has room or patience to plant them all. The good news is that, there various small succulents that you start with before growing your garden tremendously.

Mini succulents are part of the cacti plant family. They have fleshy, water-storing leaves. Some have extremely thought leaves or stems, while others have flatter leaves but they all can store water. Hence, the importance of keeping their soil dry. 

These succulents come in attractive shapes, textures, and colors. They make a perfect addition to any home. Today on the blog, we will share with you some great succulents you can plant as a starter.

What Are The Best Mini Succulents? 

Anything mini is automatically hard to resist. Imagine a miniature horse, coffee mug, or even a hair clip. They are just too adorable to resist. And when it comes to mini succulents, you’re not going to stop for sure unless you have the entire collection in your garden.

Mini succulents fit in every nook and cranny. So here they are…

Hens And Chicks 

This succulent has perpetual, evergreen rosettes. But what makes them lovely is that they seldom grow very fast and tall. They could even remain around one inch tall their whole life! It comes in a variety of tones and requires practically little to no watering. It leans towards a sandy soil that channels well, in addition to it cherishes the sun.

Air Plant 

Air plants can grow without soil. They can be put anyplace as well. Normal uses for air plants remember balancing them for wood or glass holders. To help them thrive, all you need is to spray them with water. You can put them in glass jars for your interior decoration or you can just hang them under your bigger plants or shrubs.


You’ll never need to stress over this succulent transforming into a grownup plant. This succulent likes to remain little. The living stone succulent has two thick leaves, with each leaf resembling a rock. Every once in a while, the plant might deliver a couple of little puppies or blooms.

Little Succulent Garden Ideas 

Time for the pleasant part of decorating your miniature succulents. A few plants are extremely luxurious and may surpass your craftsmanship game, So have compiled some very doable ideas for your tiny succulent garden. This is perfect for beginners and for anybody who has issues with not having enough space in the home.

Mini Succulent Wall

A lovely visual treat is having a mini succulent wall. These succulent dividers make any occasion a work of art. All you need is a Showbox, soil, plastic wrap, and some tools to help you set it. Once you’re done planting your succulent upright, you can hang the Showbox on the wall. Look at our manual for making your succulent wall.

1. Small Succulent Fairy Garden

This is one of our cherished smaller succulent arrangements since you can imagine fairies are moving into your nursery. In addition, you can add smaller than usual fairy houses and assemble designs to draw out the wizardry of a pixie town.

This idea is perfect for your kitchen countertops or centerpieces. There are many idiosyncratic espresso cups to look over to house you’re new scaled-down succulent.

2. Large Wine Glass Succulent

This is perfect for wine lovers. If you have empty wine bottles or wine glasses, you can utilize them for your succulents. Instead of throwing them away, you can decorate them on your indoor walls or garden. They can even make a great finishing touch for any room.  

3.  Succulent Terrarium

Set up a succulent themed party and make DIY delicious terrariums for everybody to bring home! You can be inventive and put your touch by utilizing various shades of sand, blending and coordinating succulents, or in any event, adding props.

4. Hanging Succulents

Air plants are generally normal for this succulent course of action since they require no dirt to get by, making it simple to toss some air plants in a hanging glass or wooden compartment. Make a perfect atmosphere by nailing hanging succulents toward the sides of rooms.

Caring For Mini Succulents

1. Give your Mini Succulents Enough Light

We all know that mini succulents are perfect for an indoor setting. Because of these, many succulent owners also forget to provide their succulents with enough sunlight to grow. Hence, make sure your succulent is exposed to at least 6 hours of sun every day. Display them on the windowsill or the south-looking window so they get enough sun.

2. Rotate Your Succulents

Succulents love being exposed to the sun. So don’t let your succulents in the same location every day. Make time to move them into a sunny location. We also suggest rotating your succulents occasionally to expose some shady sides to sunlight.

3. Water according to season.

Just like humans, succulents require more energy. When they’re in a period of growth, they want to receive some water. To water, sprinkle or pour the water into the soil instead of pouring them into the plants. When winter comes, you need to pause on your watering routine. The soil dries more slowly during the winter and giving them too much water might cause their roots to rot.

4. Keep succulents clean

Your indoor plants will gradually pick up dust on their surfaces. To clean, you can wipe off the leaves and spines gently with a damp cloth. Or you can use a soft paintbrush to get at spots that are hard to reach. Be careful that you cut some of the leaves.

5. Choose a well-draining pot

Make sure that the pot you’re using has a hole at the bottom. This helps the water to simply flow and prevent it from water-logging. We suggest using terracotta pots for your indoor succulent garden, especially for beginners.

 miniature succulents

Growing Mini Succulents Is Fun!

There are many uses for many mini succulents. Don’t hesitate to spare a little time to grow these wonderful plants. You will definitely enjoy growing such wonderful plants in your indoor or outdoor garden.

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