Ordering Succulents In Bulk For Business

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So you’re ordering succulents in bulk to start a business? Well, you could make a great business out of succulents. If you are a plant lover, you can have a hobby and a business at the same time.

Buying wholesale succulents is the first to getting started. But how do you know what succulents to buy? How do you know where to get them? Can you trust a seller eventually?

In this article, we are going to discuss some smart buying tips for those who want to start a succulent business.

Tips When Ordering Succulents In Bulk

Not sure where to start when buying a succulent? We have already done the hard work for you. Follow these tips and you will learn how to determine the perfect succulents for you.

Choose Your Succulents Style 

There are many varieties of succulents in store. So the first thing to do is to choose your succulents style. As you may know, the succulents market is quite saturated. For your business to stand out, you want to sell the most beautiful succulent varieties.

You can focus on indoor type succulents or outdoor types. If you live in a country with a cold climate, you may want to consider investing in cold-hardy succulents. If you want to focus on indoor succulents,  Haworthia fasciata is a great option for you. But you may also like to look into Echeveria varieties which are trending succulents.

Select The Size

When you’re ordering succulents in bulk, size is very important. First, large succulents can take a lot of space. So one box may only fit a few of them. You would have to consider the shipping cost and the risk involve in shipping large succulents.

Second, you need to take care of these succulents. Before selling your succulents, you need to grow them first. You want to sell stable succulents because you don’t want customers barging on your door and complaining that their succulents have died just a few days after buying. 

Note that large succulents may require more time for caring. They are less fickle so they don’t dry out quickly. You need to adjust your watering frequency accordingly. Also, plan the pots where you are going to put them. A succulent in a gallon-sized pot will be lower maintenance. Succulents can grow in a 6-inch pot or 4-pot.

 bulk succulents

Lastly, you want to be ready when repotting and propagating large succulents. With this knowledge and experience, you can also share with customers how to properly take care of the plants they are buying. This makes customers keep coming back for more.

Where To Buy Succulents In Bulk- Look For Feedback 

Nowadays, you can buy rare succulent varieties online. With so many online shops selling succulents, it is easy to spy on the trending succulent varieties to put in your shop. Moreover, online selling platforms can help you filter prices so you can select the cheapest shop when ordering succulents in bulk. 

However, you should be careful when buying succulents online. Make a habit to read the feedback first. Succulents are normally sold dry and without soil. Do not buy potted succulents from other countries because they may eventually die throughout the shipment period.

Moreover, you are not sure whether the soil that is being used for the plant is healthy. The soil may be suffering from certain kinds of infestations. If it is contagious, it can affect the soil in your entire garden.

Furthermore, make sure that the supplier you are buying from has good reviews. Nowadays, it is hard to trust someone who does not have enough experience in the market. 

Check The Roots Of The Succulents

This step is only feasible if you are buying from a local shop. Ordering succulents in bulk from brick-and-mortar stores will help you to physically assess the succulent. 

Since this type of plant grows so well from cuttings, it is also possible that the specimen you plan to buy has been started in this manner. You need to look at the succulent. If the stems do not have roots yet and you can still see the cut, don’t buy it. Succulents with very small root systems rarely survive when bought. 

Select a succulent that has already grown some roots in them. Also, check the back of the leaves and make sure there no aphids. Aphids are the number one succulent killer. Mealybugs can also kill succulents.

These insects are quite visible when they’ve grown for quite a while. They usually attach to the succulent leaves in the group and appear as extremely tiny dots.  

What To Do After Ordering Succulents In Bulk

Once you have purchased your succulents, you must replant them as soon as possible. If you leave your succulents long enough in the air, they can become bone dry and die.

Before planting your succulents, gather some pots with a drainage hole. Then create a good potting mix for succulents. Mixing gardening soil and pumice, or cactus potting mix and perlite would be a great start.

 After planting, secure your succulents in a proper location. A great location for your succulents would somewhere that is exposed to indirect sunlight. Of course, you want to sell healthy and thriving succulents. 

Give them care for about a month. Once they have stabilized, you can start posting your succulents online and start selling. Since succulents are easily sold, you can get the return of your investment in just a few months of selling.

Getting Bulk Succulents From Your Own Garden 

When ordering succulents in bulk, you should leave some succulents that you can propagate in your garden. Once you have your succulent garden, you won’t have to keep on buying wholesale succulents. All you need to do is propagate succulents and grow a lot of them.

This will also help you save on the shipping cost and wholesale price. Are you ready to get started on your succulent business? If you find this blog useful, feel free to share it on your social media accounts.

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