Planting Succulents In Rocks Indoors

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Planting succulents in rocks indoors should come easily breezy. After all, succulents can grow with little care. All you need to do is give them proper temperature, lighting, and water.
There are many misconceptions about taking care of succulents. They have a reputation as hardy plants that cannot be killed. On the other hand, many gardeners also find it hard to grow them. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to plant succulents in rocks.
So, can you plant succulents in rocks? The answer is both a yes and a no. First of all, you need to determine why you’re planting succulents. Are you planting succulents for short-term aesthetics? Or you generally make an indoor garden?
If you’re thinking about succulent “bonbonniere” and wedding favors, you may plant succulents on rocks. Rocks make succulents look great and attractive. But you cannot expect it to last long. As we have said, succulents need the proper mix of rocks and soil for their succulents to thrive.
If you’re thinking of long-term survival, you cannot just plant succulents on rocks alone. You need to have the perfect growing medium for your succulents to stay healthy and look good. Don’t worry, there are a few ways to completely hide the soil and create the illusion that your plants are growing on rocks.
Before anything else, here are some tips on how to take care of your succulents indoors.
  • Avoid using moss in your succulent pots. While it looks pretty, it traps unwanted moisture in your pot. This excess moisture can encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria that will your succulents.
  • Use porous rocks for your pots. Non-porous rocks like those you found in the sea or river cannot provide enough air for succulents to breathe. Other non-porous rocks that you want to avoid are river rocks, fish rocks, and glass marbles.
  • Use top dressings that double drainage materials such as pumice. Pumice is porous lava rocks that help drain the soil faster.
  • If you want to plant your succulents indoors, make sure that you use pots with a drainage hole. A good pot for indoor includes terrariums, jars, bowls, and mugs. If your pot does not have holes, you can use a hand drill to make a hole.
  • Now that you are growing succulents indoors, you want to give them as much light as they can get. Place your succulents near a window. Pretty indirect sunlight will help your plants thrive while living indoor. North-facing shelves, indoor gardens, and windows will make a great home for your succulents.
  • Only give small water to your succulents. If the soil is still moist, you want to avoid watering it. Overwatering can cause their roots to rot. On the other hand, underwatering will cause your plant to die.

Different Ways To Plant Succulents Indoor

Rocks/Pebbles In A Glass Jar

Succulents growing inside a terrarium look great. If you want your succulents to thrive in this fashion, you need different sizes of pumice and other rocks to hide the soil. First, you need to decide on the rocks that will show outside.
Place the rocks that you want to see at the bottom of your glass container. Fill any gaps with small pebbles or pumice. We recommend using geo-baric to stop the soil from getting on the glass when you set it.
Next, build the rocks around the glass. Once done, carefully your gardening soil halfway through the glass. Then you can slowly put your succulent cutting in the soil. Sprinkle some pumice on top to cover the layer of soil. The pumice will also help drain the soil as you water it.

Succulents In Plastic Pots

It is very easy to grow succulents in plastic pots. Since plastic pots are generally opaque materials, you can only worry about the top aesthetics. To begin, fill your plastic pot with a good gardening mix.
Normally, a mixture of pumice and gardening soil will make a great home for succulents. Once done, you can plant your succulent cuttings. To hide the soil, you can put pumice on top.
Pumice is white rocks. Sprinkling them on top does not only helps with water absorption but also improves the aesthetics of your plants.
A 10cm plastic pot can typically accommodate 5 to 6 succulent cuttings. Growing succulents indoors is also a great way to propagate your succulents.

Succulents In Rock and Water

So you’ve probably seen in many homes and store display some succulents growing in rocks and water. Well, planting succulents in rocks indoors is technically possible.
But as we have said, it can take time and not great for the long term. You will also need to consider the succulent variety that you want to plant. Some succulent varieties are allergic to water alone.
On the other hand, water propagation may be a good way to propagate succulents. You can grow a lot of succulents if the water is changed often. Baby succulents or those that have grown from seeds love their roots submerged in water.
You may add rocks on top for aesthetic purposes, but it will require a great deal of effort when the time comes that you need to change the water. Even so, many roots will start growing through the rocks. We only recommend this if you have extra keen to give it a go.

What To Remember When Planting Succulents In Rocks Indoor

When planting succulents in rocks indoors, it is best to use a good quality pot. Make sure that the pot has a hole at the bottom.
Succulents need to drain. They can die easily when the sand is moist. When it comes to potting mix, you would want to invest in pumice. Pumice is small lava rocks that help drain moisture from the soil.
Moreover, pumice has a lot of nutrients that can help succulents thrive. Do not add sand on succulents because it is too heavy for them. Finally, make sure your succulent gets enough sunlight. You can put them in the north window where there is enough indirect sunlight.

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