Potting Succulents In Glass: Tips and Tricks

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Are you potting succulents in glass? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article today, you are going to learn the best way to put succulents in glass jars.

Planting succulents in glass jars are a stylish way to showcase them in your interior. Some succulent varieties that are smaller such as the Echeveria look great in a transparent glass jar. If you are aspiring to green thumb status, you could try planting succulents in jars. 

Succulents are low-maintained plants. That means you don’t have to spend a lot of money to grow them. Just make sure to put them in a spot with sunlight. Water them once a week. There are so many creative ways to display these plants. 

It is a pleasure to share with you some tips on how to plant them on jars. Let’s get the ball rolling and learn how to grow succulents in jars. 

How To Plant Succulents In Glass Containers 

Planting succulents in glass is a beautiful way to put your succulents indoors. The beautiful exterior of succulents makes them look good in a glass-like gem! To start planting, you need the following:

• Succulents

• Glass container 

• Soil mix

• Trowel

• Pebbles or sand

• Moss

 potting succulents in glass

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 Stage 1: Remove The Succulents From Their Pots

Start by taking out the succulents from the compartments they initially came in. Remove as much soil as possible as most succulents that came from nurseries don’t utilize the best sort of soil for these plants. Simultaneously, eliminate undesirable or dead leaves to work on the presence of your plants. Handle your plants with additional consideration. 

Stage 2: Insert Soil Into The Pot, Yet Not All That Much 

Then, top off your pot with soil. For succulents, it is basic to utilize quick depleting soil to forestall issues related to overwatering. Keep in mind, glass holders don’t contain seepage openings. You can either purchase a gardening mix for succulents or simply blend your own. Assuming you need to make your gardening soil, mix natural soil, sand, and perlite. You can also add pumice instead of perlite depending on the variety of succulents. 

Do recall that various assortments of succulents each have their inclinations with regards to soil and you may need to explore a little before planting your succulents straightforwardly to glass holders. 

Try not to top off the glass compartment altogether. Fill it most of the way before planting your succulents. This will give you sufficient space to move while orchestrating the plants and adding styles like rocks and sand. 

Stage 3: Plant Your Succulent

Plant the succulent into the soil in the glass compartment. Ensure that your succulents are planted straight and are not slanted or unbalanced. Also, check if any leaves have been covered. Covered delicious leaves can become defenseless against decay. 

Stage 4: Add The Remainder Of The Soil Carefully

In the wake of placing your succulents into the glass holder, you would now be able to top off the compartment with more soil just as your picked top dressing. 

Potting succulents in the glass should not be too difficult. Whether you are a beginner or not, you can follow these simple steps.

Stage 5: Add Sand Or Pumice To The Glass Compartment 

At long last, you can add sand or pumice to the glass compartment. In case you are utilizing white sand, know that you should replenish it after some time.

Succulents In A Glass Bowl: Is It A Good Idea? 

Although succulents are strong plants, ready to flourish in cruel conditions, they are inclined to overwater. Succulents require two things: right watering and quick-draining soil. Pass up any of the two and you can experience a large group of issues that can ultimately prompt the demise of your plant. 

Numerous succulent producers like to develop their plants in glass containers with small openings which forestall the development of bacteria or mold.

In case you are anticipating planting succulents in glass containers, you need to keep them open. If you want it covered, you need to remove the tap once in a while to let the air pass. 

In any case, that equivalent proviso can likewise be a benefit, particularly in case you are keeping your succulents inside. Glass bowls don’t need the utilization of dishes underneath them. It is likewise doubtful that you will experience water stains on your table. 

In case you’ve decided to plant succulents in glass holders like dishes and containers, give additional consideration to your choice of soil. Picking the right soil blend is as important as knowing the right watering technique for your plants.

Other Considerations For Succulents In Glass Jars

 There are many other things that you may need to consider when potting succulents in glass jars. 


Since glass jars are transparent, you may want to decorate your succulents. You can combine three to four succulents that blend well. But you can also decorate synthetic gemstones around the sand. 

However, if you want to go for a monochromatic look, you can generate attractive appeal by playing around with shapes and textures. 

Try to check the color wheel. Green looks great with purple. Blue succulents look good with red pops. You can also do the same with the sand.


Another thing that you should put into consideration is the Hierarchy. This is crucial when using two or more varieties of succulents in one jar. You cannot just put them all together. A great design will make it look more attractive. 

Start by picking your centerpiece. Plant it first and then you can choose what to put around it. The succulent at the center should stand out from your design. It’s like decorating a bouquet. 

The filler plants around it should compliment it. Then finish your design with a spiller. 

Potting succulents in the glass jar is quite fun. This is a wholesome experience for succulent lovers. You can add it to your checklist. Moreover, planting succulents can be very relaxing. 

Planting succulents in glass containers is a pleasant venture that you and your friends and family can begin. 

Know about expected issues just as the exceptional consideration referenced above. You will be guaranteed that your succulents will flourish over time.

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