Selling Succulents at a Farmers Market – How to Start?!

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Considering beginning your own special Succulent Plant Business? Why not! Selling succulents at a farmers market is a way to start it.

Loads of individuals find that once they begin developing these captivating plants, it turns into somewhat habit-forming, and what better approach to make a profit from the beautiful plants? Moreover, by selling succulents you help others have the opportunity to take of these lovely creatures.

In addition, you help others influence. And you make the world greener and happier.

So, How to Start Selling Succulents at a Farmers Market?

1. Decide what succulent variety you’re selling

When selling succulents at a farmers market, you have to decide the type of succulents you are selling. Knowing what type of succulent variety, you are selling is important. Depending on your location, you might want to sell Echeveria varieties or cold-hardy succulents.

When selling succulents, you need to familiarize yourself with the names and how you should take care of them.  This is because customers will ask you about the types and required maintenance for your succulents.

2. Get the correct proportions in your crafts

When selling succulents, you need to stock up. Moreover, you need to find out the number of plants that will fit into your containers. People will often ask you how much will fit into one box and how much the shipping will be. You need to have answers to these questions.

Knowing how to sell plants and shipping them is a steep learning. Some succulents don’t mind being dried out. But some succulents cannot withstand temperature during shipment and they die before reaching the consignee. A technique is shipping them in paper bags or newspapers.

3. Know what to do with pests

When you are selling succulents at the farmers market, you cannot expect all succulents to sell out in one day. Some can take a few days to sell. But you need to constantly stock up.

While you’re creating your containers and growing the plants, there could be pests munching on your plants. When this happens, find the best way to take them off your plant. But do not just pour water on them. Plants can die from pest infection. Depending on the type of succulent variety you’re having, you can use organic or chemical-based spray.

Manual Garden Sprayer

Selling Succulents at a Farmers Market – Top Reasons To Try It

Reason 1: There is more prominent flexibility

The main advantage of moving your succulent business online is expanded adaptability. All in all, particular dates and seasons will not direct your succulents to some deals. However, we now have internet. You might sell your succulents any time, any day of the year. Since you can sell your plants 365 days a year, you can likewise bear to take vacation days as you want.

Reason 2: Practically no inventory is needed

In contrast to a conventional market, you can make your succulents just when the orders have been prepared. As such, you need not make numerous plans for a specific market or reasonable and desire to sell them all.

Probably, you’ll not have the option to sell every one of your plants, essentially not during each trip. What’s more, is that you can simply take home slow-moving plants. The ones that get back to you do not simply need a legitimate spot to live in and keep developing. However, they likewise must be taken into acceptable consideration. So, they must stay in ideal condition.

Reason 3: You can purchase and sell – No hassle!

In contrast to advanced items, succulents can’t be made out of anywhere. Hence, to sell them, you either need to make them or get them at a lower cost and exchange them for an edge. Regardless of whether you are thinking about making the plant without any preparation, you’ll need small plants or roots for cultivating.

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Reason 4: Little capital is needed

Most importantly, you don’t have to prepare a huge capital. When starting a succulent business, you can start from your home. Try planting a few succulents.

For each succulent variety, you can plant them in small decorative pots. Take a picture and post it on your social media. For the pots, you can find some empty containers that you can upcycle.

 selling succulents

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Nowadays, people appreciate original ideas and creativity. Your succulents will get attention for sure the moment you share them.

Growing Succulents Plants To Make Money – The Best Platforms

As we have said, you don’t need a lot to start a succulent business. In addition to selling succulents at a farmers market, you can also post your succulents online.

Nowadays, it is very important to have an online presence. Did you know that at least 61.90% of the world’s population now have a phone? That means, there are 4.88 billion people who have access to their mobiles. This number can make a great difference for your business.

The following are some social media platforms where you can sell your succulents.


Facebook is something beyond a spot to interact with friends and potential customers. In the long term, this site has advanced into a vigorous commercial center of sorts. It’s where enormous organizations collaborate and participate in trade with their supporters. Facebook is additionally where numerous business visionaries dispatch and influence their online organizations. So you must not miss posting your succulents here.


Etsy is an online stage that lets merchants and purchasers connect. This online shop centers simply around the exchange of handcrafted items, vintage things, craftsmanship, and artwork. Succulents fall under the high-quality merchandise class. And there are hundreds and thousands of individuals purchasing and selling succulents and different plants on the site.


Since Amazon is a particularly gigantic online store, you’ll have no issues tracking down prospects for your plants. But since the stage is interlaced with other online shops, the cycle to prospects could be a bit troublesome. That means putting your succulents on the stage will not be just about as straightforward as how things work on Etsy.

Generally, you also have to choose the platform for your succulents. It can depend on a lot of factors such as your location. Nevertheless, we hope you have a lot from our blog today. Feel free to share this article on any of your social media platforms to reach out to plant lovers who want to start a succulent business.

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