How to Plant Succulent IN Glass Bowls

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Succulent in glass bowls looks absolutely darling. It makes the best decoration for homes. Succulents are beautiful, low-maintenance plants. This is why they are very popular house plants both for avid planters and first-time gardeners.

 By learning how to plant succulents in a glass bowl, you can bring a bit of nature inside your home. Planting succulents in glass bowls are also beneficial especially for homes in cooler regions. With proper knowledge and provided that you give them proper care, you can grow beautiful succulents indoors.

Guide On How To Plant Succulent In Glass Bowl

Are you ready to plant your succulent in glass bowls? Here are some things you need.

  • Succulents
  • Glass container
  • Soil mix
  • Trowel
  • Pebbles or sand
  • Moss

Guide On How To Plant Succulent In Glass Bowl

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Just a friendly tip, when planting succulents on glass bowls, you need to choose the right variety of succulents for a beautiful result. There are many ways to obtain succulent plants. The first and easiest is when you have lots of succulent plants, you can start cutting them and propagating. Moreover, you can always buy from an online source some fresh new succulent cuttings.

Step by Step Guide On How To Plant Succulents In Glass Bowl

Stage 1: Remove the succulents from their container

Start by removing the succulents from the holders they initially came in. Eliminate as much soil as possible. Most succulents that came from nurseries don’t utilize the best kind of soil for these plants.

Next, remove unfortunate or dead leaves to work on the presence of your plants. Handle your plants with extra care.

Step 2: Insert soil into the container just enough for the plant to grow.

For succulents, it is basic to utilize quick-draining soil to forestall issues related to overwatering. Keep in mind, glass holders don’t contain drainage holes. You can either purchase gardening soil. However, you can also make your own gardening mix by blending two parts of organic soil with one part of sand, and perlite. The perlite and sand mixture will help drain the excess water whenever you feed your plant.

Step 3: Plant the succulent into the soil

Plant the succulent into the soil in the succulent glass bowl. Ensure that your succulents are established straight and are not slanted or disproportionate. Moreover, check for leaves that have been covered. Covered succulent leaves can become helpless against rot.

Step 4: Add the remainder of the soil

After placing your succulents into the succulent glass bowl, you would top off the holder with more soil and decorate the top with your favorite rocks.

Stage 5: Add sand or rocks to the glass container

Finally, you can add sand or stones to the glass holder. If you are using sand, you may need to replenish them after some time. Sand can naturally mix up with the rest of the elements in your glass container every time you water the plant.

Should You Plant Succulent In Glass Bowls?

While succulents are hardy plants, they are prone to overwatering. When planting your succulents in glass bowls, you should be wary of two things: correct watering technique and fast-draining soil. If you miss out on any of these two requirements, you will encounter problems with your succulents such as the following:

  • Leaves turning yellow, brown, or dark
  • Development of dark pigmentation on succulent’s leaves
  • Root rot
  • Larvae may reside in your container
  • Container may develop molds and smell foul

Since containers look darling and stylish, many homeowners still choose to plant their succulents in glass bowls. If you want to ask whether planting a succulent bowl is safe, the short answer is yes. But as much as you want to keep healthy and clean-looking, you need to give them extra care.

Advantage Of Planting Succulent In Glass Bowls

 Planting succulents in glass bowls are not just fun. It makes succulent looking delicate and stylish. If you are wavering whether you want to plant them in a glass bowl or simply outside, you need to read these deal-breakers.

  • Succulents in a glass can be a great giveaway for special events like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. If you have a lot of succulents in your garden, it’s time to give them some grooming. Take some cuttings and plant them in small succulent glass bowls. Decorate the glass and prepare them for giveaways.
  • Got a dull corner in your home? Select a larger succulent glass bowl and plant an echeveria variety. Blu, red, and purple echeveria can definitely look magical in a glass bowl. These plants can add a curb appeal to your dull corner.
  • Succulents in a glass bowl can make a unique style and appeal to your home. You can use them as centerpieces, tabletop decorations for side tables and altars, and even hang them.
  • Glass bowls don’t require dishes beneath them. Hence, when watering, you don’t have to worry about excess water flowing to your tables and furniture. That means it is less likely that you will encounter water stains.

Planting succulents in glass bowls are the most fashionable way to keep your succulents safe indoors throughout the winter. You can learn some tips on how to plant succulents indoors here.

Caring For Your Succulents

Since glass containers do not have drainage holes, you need to slow down on your watering. Water only once a week, depending on how dry or wet the soil is. Make sure to feel and touch the soil to check. If the soil is still moist, then there is no need to water the plant at all.

Place your succulents in the proper location. Somewhere that has indirect exposure to sunlight is prime. This helps them dry faster than keeping them in dark corners. Succulents are sun-loving plants, so giving them a share of sunlight is crucial for their growth. 

Also, consider the temperature and humidity level. The proper temperature shouldn’t be cooler than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Some succulents such as the Aeoniums can do better in cooler conditions or basement. With these succulents, you can go between 50 and 55 degrees.

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