How To Make A Succulent Wedding Bouquet

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Using a succulent wedding bouquet is growing in popularity. Nowadays, you would see a lot of inspiration for a wonderful succulent bouquet. They come in bold shapes and forms.

Succulents have been listed as one of the hottest décor items in recent years. This is because of the wide variety of sizes, hues, and forms that they offer. Succulents are made into wreaths, centerpieces, and hanging terrariums. And who would ever think that after some years of raving popularity, succulents have made their way to the wedding industry?

Now you can see lots of bridal bouquets with succulents. So, if you are getting married, you can try this wonderful idea. Creating a bouquet with succulents is very easy. All you need to do is add a stem so you can bundle the wonderful blooms together. Today on the blog, we will teach how to make a gorgeous wedding bouquet made out of succulents.

What Is A Succulent Wedding Bouquet?

A succulent bouquet sounds just like what it is. If you want a whimsical theme and natural form for your wedding, you can try using succulents. An interesting and charming option is to make a succulent bouquet. A quick internet search will show plenty of DIY tutorials for your succulent wedding bouquet. But as you are reading our blog today, you will learn how to make your bouquet.

The following are some materials that you have to prepare:

  • Succulents
  • Cut flowers
  • Floral stem wire (available at craft stores)
  • Floral tape
  • Ribbon

Remove the succulent from its nursery pot and delicately wash away the dirt. Make sure it still has its roots. Succulents with roots don’t wither right away, which is an important factor for your wedding. Of course, you don’t want to be holding a withered bouquet. Conversely, you may also cut back the roots. If your wedding is too close, you can keep it this way.

To make an “artificial stem” embed a piece of botanical wire into the foundation of the succulent and curved to shape a circle. Wrap the foundation of the succulent and top of the botanical wire with floral tape. Collect your succulent blossoms and a couple of cut blossoms from the nursery into a bouquet. 

Hold all the stems at the top, near the foundation of the blossoms as could be expected. Then they secure with flower tape. This will secure the blossoms together into a tight bouquet.

 succulent wedding bouquet

Tips On Succulent Bouquet Creation

Select plants that will praise your marriage stylistic theme. Succulents regularly have pastel tones which are supplemented by delicate greens and other pastel blossoms. 

You can likewise select some dried stems to expand the variety of your succulent wedding bouquet. Or then again you can keep the shower comprised of just succulents. The decision is yours. Succulents like Aeonium and Hens and Chicks have regular rosette frames that look very much like blossoms. 

Succulents additionally produce blossoms, so relying upon the season, you can source establishes that likewise have sprouted. 


Succulents resemble practically no other plant in the sense that they come in various textures. When you make a succulent bouquet, you should familiarize yourself with its texture. Some are rubbery (Burros Tail) and some are cushioned (Bunny Ears cactus). A few succulents bloom, while others produce spikes.  Matching wonderful blooms together can make an extremely eye-catching and gorgeous bouquet.

What’s more, you know what they say: all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. So you might need to think about adding some cacti to your succulents. First, be careful with thorny succulents. Aside from the fact that they may hurt your finger or they can tear your dress, some cultural beliefs don’t like thorny flowers on their wedding day.

On the other hand, you can ferns, ivy, eucalyptus, or baby’s breath to complete your lovely bouquet. Include things like dried raspberries and twigs to emphasize the barn appeal of your bouquet.

Shading Combinations 

Succulents come in yellow, green, red, purple, blue, and each shade in the middle. You can set these unpretentious shades against each other (light purple with dull green, for example) or you can blend them among florals (a profound purple succulent among light purple sprouts). If you stressed that succulents may look excessively easygoing for your dark tie issue, matching them with more conventional blossoms (roses, carnations, lilies) will give them more complexity. 

Statement Succulent 

Spot enormous succulents inside conventional wedding blossoms for an assertion piece that adds a fly of surface! You can utilize a level, twisting molded succulent like the Echeveria, or one that will tumble out of your Bouquet, similar to the Burros Tail. 

You could turn your bouquet into an eye magnet with the proper combination of succulent flowers. The key is to choose carefully what you are adding to your succulent.

Can I Replant My Bridal Bouquets With Succulents? 

 Of course, who doesn’t want to keep a wonderful bouquet with succulents? If you love your wedding flowers and want to keep them past your special day, we have some suggestions for you. Thankfully, you can still grow back your succulents. 

First, trim the bouquet for your favorite pieces. Dry the cuttings for a few days. The ends need to dry before you plant them, otherwise, they will rot. Next, let the cuttings develop roots. You can plant them in the soil or in the water.

For the soil, use a well-draining cactus mix. Add pumice to improve its draining capability. Then plant your succulent. Water minimally until the roots have appeared. You typically have to wait for at least a week to see them improve their condition and grow some roots. 

Leave your succulents for a while until they have developed some roots. Try not to put them in direct sun until they have stabilized. 

To plant in just water (like an air plant): Once the stem has solidified, lay a cutting on the edge of a glass or container of water, with the end of the stem simply over the outer layer of the water. Position the glass near a sunny area. 

Later on, the cutting will grow roots that compass toward the water. Once your succulents have developed some roots, you may continue keeping them in the water or replanting them in the soil.

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