Are Succulents Safe for Bearded Dragons?

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Are succulents safe for bearded dragons? So, you have probably found a bearded dragon reaping your succulents. Or you have decided to have a bearded dragon as a pet.

First of all, bearded dragons are reptiles but they are also herbivores. That got their names from how they look. While they are small, they have armor of spiny scales, with beards of spikes under the chin that puffs depending on the mood. It looks like a small dragon.

There are eight species of bearded dragons. These dragons usually live in the wilds but many individuals try to domesticate them. So, is succulents safe for bearded dragons?

If you are one of the individuals who are taking care of a bearded dragon, this article is for you.

Are Succulents Safe For Bearded Dragons?

So, you are probably preparing a terrarium for your bearded dragon. Succulents can make a great decoration for your terrarium. When matched with other plants, you can have the best terrarium.

terrarium for your bearded dragon

The following is a list of succulents

1.     Lithops

2.    Echeveria

3.    X Pachyveria

4.    Hen and Chicks (Sempervivum)

5.    Aeonium

6.    Burro’s Tail

7.    Schlumbergera


Lithops are altogether different sorts of succulents when contrasted with different plants. These are round molded succulents that can be handily confused with stones. These succulents take after round-formed rocks and that is the motivation behind why they are additionally called “living rocks”. Lithops are tough succulents so they are fit for making due in any environment. If you are looking for reptile-safe succulents, this could be a great choice.


Echeveria is perhaps the most well-known succulent developed by garden darlings. The justification behind that is extremely straightforward that they are exceptionally simple to deal with and can endure the sun. These are low support plants and have excellent tones. The echeveria is a great addition to your succulent terrarium.

X Pachyveria

X Pachyveria is a crossbreed delicious. This delicious is a crossbreed of Echeveria and Pachyphytum. Seeds of both the plants are reared together and therefore, we get these X Pachyveria succulents that are wonderful and vivid. On the off chance that to find out with regards to how to raise succulents visit here.

These brilliant succulents are non-harmful and are palatable for pets. This excellence can be extremely alluring in your nursery and are ok for your bearded dragon.

Hen And Chicks (Sempervivum)

The hen and chicks or sempervivums are also bearded dragon-safe succulents. They are one of the best plants to have in your terrarium because of their ability to reproduce themselves. They can grow in beautiful quantity and even when your bearded dragon eats them, you won’t have to worry about poisoning. Moreover, it is available in a variety of beautiful colors.


So what succulents are safe for bearded dragons? Aeonium is another succulent that is safe for reptiles to eat. It can grow up to three feet tall and comes in beautiful vibrant colors. This can make the best option if you want to build a bigger terrarium or even for a mini zoo. Plus, it is a hardy succulent and can survive in any climate. 

Aeonium is a type of succulents with tall and short varieties. This succulent can grow up to 3 feet and can bear beautiful vibrant flowers. That makes this succulent very appealing in your outdoor garden.

Burro’s Tail

Are burro’s tail succulents safe for bearded dragons? The short answer is yes. If you have plated burro’s tail and you’re worried that it might harm your bearded dragon, quit worrying. This plant is safe. However, you need to place your terrarium somewhere there is partial sun exposure. 


Schlumbergera is one of the most loved plants among the reptile. They find this plant delectable and is likewise alright for whiskery mythical serpents. Schlumbergera is and solid succulents and hence can flourish in any environment. This delicious would rather avoid being overwatered so water just when the dirt is adequately dry.

Are Haworthia Succulents Safe For Bearded Dragons?

Haworthia is additionally called the Zebra plant because of the white ties on the leaves of the plant. This delicious loves indoor conditions and fills flawlessly in inclined toward no daylight region. Haworthia likewise tries to avoid a lot of water they do extraordinary with less water as it is a desert plant.

Are Stapelia Succulents Safe For Bearded Dragons?

 Yes, Stapelia succulents are safe for your bearded dragon. These plants have attractive star=shaped flowers that can improve the aesthetics of your terrarium. They can produce various colors such as red, yellow, and purple flowers. These flowers have a sweetened smell and can sometimes become very persuading to pets.

 If you have this on your terrarium, you won’t have to worry about pet poisoning because these plants are ultimately safe. So, are there succulents that are dangerous to pets?

In truth, there are succulents with mild to severe toxicity levels for pets. Take note of the following:

  1. Jade Plant (Little poisonous)
  2. Kalanchoe (Little poisonous) 
  3. Amaryllis (Very poisonous)
  4. Euphorbia (Very poisonous)

As a final note, bearded dragons are becoming popular among pet lovers. But while these animals naturally live in rainforests, you must take care of their diet.

Besides making a comfortable home for them that is close to their natural habitat, you need to give them the proper food to keep them healthy and long-living. Always consider non-toxic succulents for your reptile pets. In this article, we already have mentioned the list of non-toxic succulents you can invest in for your pet.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comment box. Feel free to share this article with a friend in need. For more information about toxic succulents, you can always learn them here.

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