How to Have a Vertical Succulent Garden

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Do you want to have a vertical succulent garden in your own home? Vertical gardens are not just a thing of the past. A lot of residential and commercial spaces use their walls as their garden to add aesthetic and curb appeal to their spaces. 

But did you know that there are more benefits of wall gardens? For example, they help reduce the carbon footprints of a building. They also reduce heat absorption, which can result in significant energy savings in areas where people rely on air-containing units to keep their interior cool.

The good news is that you can have your wall garden – not to mention that succulent wall gardens are trending nowadays. All you need is a vertical succulent wall planter, a good place in your home, and spare time to do it. 

What Is A Vertical Succulent Garden?

A vertical succulent garden is a planting technique that involves growing plants vertically. Gardeners use a suspended panel or wall planters to mount their plants on the wall. Vertical gardens can be done indoors or outdoors. You can turn your entire wall into a vertical garden or dedicate a small space indoors where you can mount your succulent wall garden.

Your succulent wall garden can be freestanding or attached to the wall. Nevertheless, this unique structure has been used since ancient civilizations not just to add a curb appeal to an empty wall but to preserve them as well. A lot of modern vertical gardens nowadays can last for decades and give a pop of nature into modern-day business.

What Is A Vertical Succulent Garden

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Benefits Of Vertical Succulent Garden In your Home

Succulent Wall Gardens Can Save Space. Having a big outdoor space is now a luxury. But if you live in an apartment, you may not enjoy the same advantage.

But don’t be discouraged. The vast majority of us presently have medium or small indoor gardens in our homes. Besides having the traditional container garden, which you put on tabletops or kitchen countertops, you can invest in a walled garden.

You can have heaps of succulent plants organized upward individually or balance some of them in lovely hanging pots. You just need to ensure that the plants get sufficient daylight.

1. A vertical succulent garden can help you to plant a variety of plants.

In an upward nursery, you can attempt to try by planting and developing various sorts of succulent plants. You can even plant vegetable line by column to upgrade the style of the nursery. Additionally, a vertical nursery is substantially a lot easier to keep up with.

2. Vertical gardening is safe

The plants are situated off the ground, and this limits the danger of having a nuisance in the nursery. Additionally, it shields the plants from getting harmed because of some other reasons like pets.

3. A vertical nursery serves as a protective shield.

Plants retain toxins and other hurtful mixtures, so an upward nursery function as a defensive safeguard and gives you an unadulterated climate to take in.

4. Vertical gardens protect your structure:

Your upward nursery doesn’t just assimilate the air contamination yet additionally retains the abundance of heat, clamor, unforgiving climate, and unsafe UV beams. Also, it manages the temperature through happening and cools your home.

5. A vertical succulent garden can give you protection.

You can develop your vertical succulent garden outside the windows to keep it stowed away from outcasts. This will likewise give you some more shade from the daylight and protection from the groups.

Things You Need For Vertical Succulent Garden

So you have finally decided to have a vertical succulent garden. The following are the things you need.

  • Succulents – Pick the best variety of your favorite succulents. We recommend selecting green succulents with leaves and stems that are flat so that they don’t protrude so far. The echeveria varieties, for example, are great for walling.  
  • Shadowbox frame – When buying a shadow box frame, you need to consider the number of succulents you have. For example, for an 11 x 4, you will need 35 to 45 pieces of various succulents to fill it. There are smaller boxes and even bigger ones.  
  • Landscaping plastic –Use the landscaping plastic to prevent water from flowing from your display.
  • Hot glue gun – You will use the hot glue gun to make the plastic stick to the frame.  
  • Sphagnum moss – You’ll use sphagnum moss to fill your shadow box frame, instead of using soil. Your succulent plant will benefit from its cool yet well-draining capability.
  • Wire Mesh – You will use the wire mesh to keep the soil and sphagnum moss in place. You can buy a wire mesh at your local hardware store.
  • Staple gun – Use the staple gun to attach your wire mesh and secure it in its location. Moreover, you can use both the staple gun and wire mesh to attach the shadow box to the wall.
  • Scissors – Of course, scissor is very important to cut things needed for the project such the sphagnum moss or the wire mesh. In any case, you may want to keep players in handy.

Best Succulents For My Vertical Succulent Garden

These adaptable air plants come in different styles, shadings, and sizes. As we referenced above, will be essential to choose plants that are on the more modest side so they don’t project excessively far out of your presentation.

To create wonderful succulent wall gardens, select plants with various colors to give your divider garden a more flexible look and feel. We likewise prescribe picking at least a couple of sizes to work with also. We suggest the accompanying succulents:

  • Blue Pearl or Graptoveria
  • Blue Giant or Graptosedum Hybrid
  • Moon Silver or Pachyphytum
  • Golden Glow or Sedum Hybrid
  • Chocolate Soldier or Kalanchoe Tomentosa

We hope you enjoy this guide on how to build your vertical succulent garden. Got a friend who needs help with gardening? Share these tips on any of your social media and tag your friends.

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