What Do Underwatered Succulents Look Like?

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I am a succulent. I will not die if you do not water me, but I also need light and humidity to thrive. If you take care of me, give me the right amount of sunlight and fresh air, then my leaves should turn a beautiful red or purple color that is hard to miss!

A “how to fix overwatered succulent” is a process that will help you save your plant. If you have an overwatered succulent, the first step is to cut off any dead leaves and stems. Then, water the plant in the morning and evening so it can absorb the water.


How can I tell if my succulents are healthy?

A: For the most part, succulents are fairly easy to care for. There are a few things you can do to make sure your plants stay healthy and happy, though. First of all, make sure that they have good drainage in their pots. This will help prevent root rot from occurring. Secondly, make sure that they get enough light. You should be able to see the leaves of your plant without having to hold it up too high or too close to a window. Lastly,


Underwatered succulents will look like this. They are not getting enough sunlight, so they’re not thriving. Reference: succulent not enough sun.

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