What Do You Use To Water Succulent Plants

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So, what do you use to water succulent plants? Is it okay to pour water directly into your plants? These are some of the most commonly asked questions that we’re going to tackle today.

As you may know, succulents are sun-loving and drought-tolerant plants. The reason for many homeowners for planting succulents is their resilience to arid conditions and the fact that they require very little care to thrive.

This is why succulents have been a top choice for busy people who want to own a garden or for those who do not enjoy luxurious outdoor space. If you want to know the best way to water succulents, you need to consider the season and the variety of succulents you are having.

Read on to learn some tips on how to water your succulents.

How To Succulents Correctly – Knowing The Right Timing

If you own a succulent garden, the first thing that you should consider is the weather condition in your region otherwise known as cold hardiness. This is the annual minimum temperature in a given region of the country, which will tell how cold your place is.

USDA Zone 1 is the coldest while Zone 13 is the warmest. Each succulent has been categorized to grow in a specific hardiness zone. For example, the agave plant can survive in Cold Hardiness zone 1. The following are some other succulents that can grow in colder regions.

  • Red Yucca
  • Sempervivum
  • Parry’s Agave
  • Aloe Blue Elf
  • Thompson’s Yuca
  • Broadleaf Stonecrop

How Often To Water Succulents – Cold vs. Warm Temperature

If you want to know how often to water succulents, you must take note of the cold hardiness zone you’re in. Succulents need more water in the late winter when the plant begins effectively developing. Water needs might diminish in the mid-year and surprisingly more so throughout the colder time of year. At the point when the light declines throughout the cold weather months and most succulents are in a lethargic period, their water prerequisites likewise decline.

During winter, water your succulents when the dirt is dry. This could be as inconsistently as one time each month yet will rely upon your home’s conditions

Succulent Plants Watering Techniques When Planting On Pots

Knowing the best way to water succulents also requires consideration about the pots you are using. A larger container requires more watering because it can hold more moisture. Smaller containers do not have to be watered frequently because they cannot hold a lot of moisture.

The best way to water succulents is to follow the staggering pattern. That means, if you have watered your succulent today, you may skip watering the next day. If you are a busy bee, this gives you the advantage to focus on your work.

At the end of the day, you are still going to have wonderful succulents.

Succulent Plants Watering Techniques When Planting On Pots

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What Do You Use To Water Succulent Plants Inside?

 However, if your pots are placed inside your home, you must pause your watering once in a while. Pots placed inside the home can drain slower than those placed outside because of the temperature.

So, what do you use to water succulent plants inside? There is no hard and fast rule as to what tools you can use to water succulents’ plants. The best way to water your plan is to use a bottle and then pour the water directly into your plants.

For extremely tiny pots, you can use an empty syringe, fill it with water, and slowly release the water to the soil. We do not recommend using multi-purpose pressure or auto mechanical garden hose on your succulents as succulent leaves can be sensitive to water.

What Do You Use To Water Succulent Plants Outside?

Succulents, especially sedums, can likewise flourish in the ground. If you are planting them outside, they may be watered week after week, contingent upon your area’s environment. Set-up plants will have a more grounded root framework and endure dry conditions superior to new plants.

Take note that the ideal pH range is underneath 6.5, exactly at 6.0 for most succulents, which is acidic. You might buy a testing unit to decide the pH of your water and items to cut the pH down. The expansion of white vinegar or citrus extract gems can bring down the pH. In any case, you need to know the pH of the regular water to ensure you add the right sum. You can buy distilled water as well. The greater part of these choices is irksome and can get expensive, contingent upon the number of plants you need to water.

Water Your Succulents When The Dirt Is Dry

Your dirt ought to be dry before you water your succulents – in any case, root decay may unleash ruin on your plant. To check how dry your soil is, stick your finger into the top inch of the dirt. Likewise, feel the seepage opening to check if the soil is wet at the base. Checking the heaviness of your pot can additionally assist you with assessing how wet the dirt is.

Water Your Succulents Completely

Thinking about the number of water succulents? Rather than little, successive tastes, succulents appreciate exhaustive, infrequent watering. Assuming your water from the top, douse the plant until water leaves the waste opening. And still, after all, that, continue to run water through the pot a couple of times to ensure the base piece of the dirt ingests water too.

Think About Top And Bottom Watering

Do you water succulents from the top or base? Regardless, it can help replenish your plants with the energy it needs to thrive. Base watering isn’t only for ordinary tropical foliage houseplants – it’s also an incredible method for ensuring succulents get the perfect proportion of water.

Reduce Watering On Winter

Succulents become dormant during the winter, which means you do not have to water them often. Cutting back on your watering regimen will also protect the plant from developing root rot.

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