When To Bring Succulents Inside

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Knowing when to bring succulents inside will help you keep them safe during winter.

As we all know, succulents are sun-loving plants. They need enough sunlight to thrive. As these plant varieties come from the desert, they don’t need a lot of water. And they hate cold weather.

But what happens when winter comes? Can you still grow a succulent if you live in a cold region? Today on the blog, let’s cover when to bring succulents inside and how to keep them safe throughout the winter.

When To Bring Succulents Inside?

Since succulents love daylight, it doesn’t mean they can’t make due inside the house. They simply should be put someplace they can by one way or another get light. At the point when the winter season comes, you might need to move your succulent inside. Yet, ensure that you open them to daylight here and there.

The Winter season is the endurance time frame for a large portion of the succulents. However, some assortment can endure regardless of whether they are outside during this season. They include a variety of Sempervivums (otherwise called hens and chicks) and Stonecrop Sedums.

They can endure temperatures up to – 20 degrees Fahrenheit, stunning right? Simply envision, they can be at both high and low temperatures. Simply ideal for the bustling people out there.

Here are some tips when putting your succulents indoors:

  1. Place them near the window that will expose them to the sun. But do not overexpose them because they may suffer from dehydration and extreme heat. This will cause them to wilt.
  2. Don’t water them unless the soil has completely dried up. Watering your succulent during winter might kill them.
  3. Keep your succulents in check. Some succulents are dormant during the winter. So, they don’t grow. Don’t worry about this. Some succulents can thrive during the winter so if you live in a colder region, you need to do a bit of research.

How To Keep Succulents Alive In The Winter

If you have delicate succulents or the sorts that can’t endure frigid temperatures, they should be put inside for them to endure. Echeveria, Crassula, Kalanchoe, Aloe, Tender Sedums, and Senecio are the assortments that are considered as delicate succulents or delicate succulents.

When To Bring Succulents Inside: Preparation

First, let’s know what temperature would it be advisable for you to bring your succulents inside.

During winter a few succulents can just endure up to 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit and some can suffer beneath frosty temperature whenever kept dry. In any case, tropical succulents lean toward 50 to 60 degrees or more. Illustration of these is Adeniums, Euphorbias, Lithops, and Stapeliads.

During winter, when the temperature dropped, it is the time you should put your succulents inside. Furthermore, for summer, they should stay away from direct daylight. Too much sun may cause your succulents to burn and the soil, bone dry.

Moving Outdoor Succulents Inside: Here What You Should Know

While you might be developing succulents inside lasting through the year, succulents will profit from being outside to some degree part of the late spring. Here’s a check rundown to make sure the action from outside to inside goes as flawlessly as could be expected:

Water Outside

Since it very well may be an issue to water succulents inside (presenting to them all to the sink, hanging tight for them to quit trickling, and so on) water them one final time outside.

Have a go at watering them 2-3 days before bringing them inside. This permits them to absorb the water they need and begin to dry out. Then, at that point, your rack or table stays overall quite dry once the succulents are inside.

Well-Draining Soil

You’ll likewise need to ensure (in case they aren’t now) that your succulents are in a well-depleting soil in a pot with a waist opening. Succulents developed inside will improve on the off chance that they have the right soil and holder.

If you would prefer not to blend your delicious soil, I’ve been utilizing this delicious soil blend from Bonsai Jack and love it! It’s simply a similar formula I used to make myself, yet presently I don’t need to work hard for quite a long time making it. Your succulents will thank you for placing them in the right soil.

Prep The Pot for Indoor Setting

At the point when you are at last prepared to bring your succulents inside, you’ll need to ensure the pot is prepared. It’s a smart thought to clear off the outside of the pot to eliminate any soil, leaves, or spider webs that have gotten joined to the pot.

 when to bring succulents inside

Additionally make certain to eliminate any garbage, like dead leaves, from around or between your succulents. Dead natural material can undoubtedly make your succulents spoil or become tainted.

Check For Bugs

You don’t need any guests when you move your succulents inside. Review your succulents intently for indications of mealybugs, the most widely recognized delicious irritation. Likewise, search for some other little bugs around your plants.

Refresh The Arrangement In Your Home

As your delicious develops it will begin shedding leaves. It’s consistently a smart thought to keep your succulents all around pruned and kept up with. This is particularly significant before acquiring succulents for the colder time of year.

Utilize your fingers or the tweezers from the small digging tool pack to eliminate whatever number of dead leaves as could reasonably be expected. This will assist with keeping your delicious from decaying inside.

Winter Watering For Succulents

Since your succulents are inside, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin dealing with them! Numerous succulents are torpid in the colder time of year so they will not require as much water. Nonetheless, some are effectively developing and will require more consideration. On the off chance that your succulents are winter producers, they will probably require more successive watering.

When in doubt, however, you’ll possibly need to water your plants when the dirt is totally dry. Release them a few days, even possibly 14 days between watering. Your delicious will disclose to you when it needs water. In case you don’t know what that resembles, make certain to click here and snatch our free cheat sheet, Signs Your Succulents Need Water.

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