FAQ: When To Put Succulents Outside In Spring?

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When to put succulents outside in spring – this is what we need to learn today. So the winter is finally over and you want to put your succulents back in their proper places. Arguably, winter is the most excruciating month for succulents and their owners.

During cold weather days, succulents can become dormant. Since they become prone to molds, bacteria, and other diseases when growing indoors, planters also struggled in maintaining them. This is true especially if you have dozens of varieties of succulents.

For sure, you are excited about placing back your succulents outdoors. At last, they are going to meet the sun again – something that succulents will always love. So today on the blog, you are going to get the answer to your question “when to put succulents outside in spring”. 

When To Put Succulents Outside In Spring

So, when can you put my succulents outside? The best time to put your succulents back to the outdoors is during the spring season. 

Indoor succulents can benefit from outside air and extra. Moreover, you can also free up some space in your home unless you are purposely growing succulents inside. 

You might have seen that succulents growing outside regularly appear to be better and prettier than those developed inside. The two main reasons for this is more daylight. The sun helps succulents to develop full and pert leaves. If you noticed some succulents that are grown inside during the winter will develop leggy stems. This is because they are trying to search for sunlight. 

Since there is substantially more daylight outside it’s exceptionally simple to consume your succulents with an excess of daylight or a lot of hotness. Start your succulents in a space that gets full shade and steadily move them into a space with more daylight. 

Succulents that are bigger and have a more settled root framework will endure all the lighter and hotness all the more without any problem. Then again, recently established succulents should be kept in the shade longer.

If you have a lot of succulents, we suggest taking them out by dozens. Sometimes, taking your succulents outdoors can be as painful and tiresome as taking them indoors for the winter. Your back will hurt so you need to exercise a bit.

For homeowners with only a couple of succulents, it is guaranteed that the job is easy.

 when to plant succulents

Succulents Outdoors: Proper Care Tips

Use Pot Feet

Rather than setting your pots straightforwardly on the ground, try to utilize pot feet or spot them on a wire rack. This helps the excess water flow from the drainage hole of your pot.


Spring and summer are the best times to propagate succulents. Since they’re sun-loving plants, you are rest assured that whichever variety you will propagate, you will have beautiful yields. Echeverias appear to get particularly loosened up while Aloes will quite often keep their shape better. The springtime is an incredible opportunity to cleave off the highest point of the delicious and proliferate it!

Repot If Necessary

If your succulent developed a lot bigger over the colder time of year, it’s time to report them. 

Take it as a small treat to your plants. Most of your pots could have worn out throughout the time, so giving your plants a new pot will make them more attractive outdoors.

Dump out the old soil. Eliminate as much soil from the roots as possible. Clear out the pots with sudsy water (then, at that point, flush out) or shower with isopropyl liquor, and replant them with new soil!

If your succulents have been sitting in a similar pot for some time they’ll likewise see the value in the new soil and clean home. It’s consistently great to have newly pruned succulents for the late spring.

Watch For Bugs

Mealybugs love to stick on plants during spring. Watch out for these awful bugs after you move your plants out. Insects will quite often spread mealybugs from one plant to another.

If you find some bugs, try to spray them with alcohol. Or you can use vinegar and water, or water with soap. These natural remedies have been proven to work the majority of the time.

When To Plant Succulents

Now that we’re talking about exactly when to put succulents outside in spring, let’s tackle this one very important topic: when to plant succulents.

We’ve often heard these questions but for many beginners, it’s easy to get lost in the process. Nevertheless, the spring season is the best time to plant succulents. Succulents are sun-loving plants, so if you wish to grow healthy succulents, you need to give them what they want. 

  • Trim or cut your succulents. You can propagate succulents via their leaves. Since you have just taken out your succulents, you might as well multiply them. 
  • Dry the cuttings for a few days. Once they have dried up, plant them in their proper containers. If you are landscaping, you can decorate them accordingly. A couple of colorful succulents in your outdoor garden will look very attractive not just for your own eyes but for your visitors as well. 
  • Try some new colors for your pots. Some colorful pots can look amazing when paired with your red, green, or purple succulents.
  • Even though succulents like sun, it’s best that you plant in the afternoon. This will give them a cooler temperature for newly planted succulents. 
  • The majority of the succulents are cold-hardy, such as sempervivums and sedums. If you have these varieties, they also prefer being planted in the afternoon or when the sun is low. However, when they’ve grown big and stable, they liked to be exposed to full sun for 4-6 hours a day. Then you can take them back to the shady area.

Make sure your succulents have established a healthy root system. The soil you are using should be a mixture of pumice and loam. You can read our recent post about how to make the best loam for succulents here.

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