Where To Buy Pumice For Plants

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So, where to buy pumice for plants? Now that you are looking for pumice, we are assuming that you are a succulent mom. We’ve got to say that collecting succulents is an interesting experience.
These plants are cool. Plus, some succulents are extremely beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.
Landscaping your lawn with these plants can give your home a whole new attraction.
But while succulents are the ultimate lovers of dry soil, you need to find the perfect garden mix for them. And that includes pumice.
There are many avenues to buy pumice. Before we dig deeper into that topic, let’s first look at why pumice is a great choice for your succulents.
Pumice is a porous volcanic rock. It works great as a soil conditioner. Since it is porous, it helps with nutrients retention. It also increases aeration and drainage in the soil. Succulents require the soil to be properly drained. That is why you need pumice to naturally do its wonders for your plants.
Fortunately, pumice does not decompose over time so it gets optimal usage. Nowadays, online shopping paves way for easier acquisition of gardening materials. To get access to pumice, you can just tap on your phone and you will have it on the way.
The following are options where you can buy pumice online.


Amazon has always been a great online shopping place. Thankfully, you can find here some really good pumice sellers. Just access the official Amazon website and search for reliable pumice sellers. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get a 2-day free shipping privilege.
When shopping for pumice, make sure you look at the feedback for each seller. You don’t want to run into scammers by not reading information first.


If you prefer brick-and-mortar stores, we suggest that you also check out Walmart. Walmart is a great place to shop for other items for your garden in addition to your pumice. The advantage of shopping in physical stores is that you can see the products for real. It helps


Etsy is another online shop that has pumice rock for sale. Here, you will find independent sellers from around the world who sell pumice. Not only that, but you can also shop here some vintage or custom items that you can add to your garden.
Many independent sellers on their pages will offer free shipping. You will find here pumice in all different packages.


This eCommerce shop sells millions of various items. Mostly focused on home decors and gardening, you are going to find the best pumice here for sure. Wayfair is an amazing one-stop-shop for you to outfit your outdoor patio.

Pumice For Gardening Benefits

Pumice are great options for succulents. The following are some great advantages of using these stones.

  • It keeps soils from getting muck and helps prevent them from rotting.
  • It is a natural, organic product that comes from mines.
  • Even though pumice, appears bone dry, they can hold moisture very well. But they do not make the roots wet, so your succulents stay healthy.
  • Depending on the mine it comes from, pumice can enrich the soil with 70 traces of minerals.
  • Pumice does not decompose. Plus the tiny pores on the surface serve as microscopic reservoirs that help in storing moisture and nutrients.

What Size Of Pumice Should I Buy?

Pumice normally has a range from 1/8 to 3/8 inches. You can buy different sizes of pumice and mix them all. This will help create a natural variation in your soil. When in down, you can go for finer grains.
If you have a small succulent variety and a small pot, you need to opt for finer ones. Larger pots may need large pumice.

How To Use Pumice For Gardening

Now that you’ve bought your pumice, let’s see how you can start using it. Succulents like to sit on well-drained soil. To achieve it, you can add 25% garden soil, 35% pumice, 25% large-grain pumice, and 25% compost soil. You can also add decomposed granite.
If you do not have access to this stuff, you can just browse online and have them delivered to you. Pumice and other gardening materials do not cost that much.
On the other hand, you might need another formula for cactus. Cactus stores a lot of moisture in their leaves which is why they are technically prone to rotting. A good gardening mix for cactus requires 50% pumice. If you cannot amend the soil in your garden, you can fill the planting hole with pumice.
This prevents the cactus crown from sitting on the soil. You can also use pumice as a to-dress for pots. For example, you can top-dress a lily pond with pumice before adding flat marbles. It helps keep the water clear and true to its color.
You can also cover spilled oil and grease with a layer of pumice. It absorbs the fluid naturally. Once it is dried up, you can just sweep it up and dispose of it in an environmentally sensible way.
After adding pumice at the bottom to help drain the soil, you can also sprinkle it on top. This will help make your succulents look great. Adding it on top also helps absorb rainwater that puddles around your succulents.
A great technique is to space them12 to 18 inches apart and about that far from the base of the plant. The goal is to add pumice to the soil but not to damage roots. You can widen the openings at the soil level. It helps make it simpler to funnel pumice into the plant.

Where To Buy Pumice Stone For Gardening – The Bottomline 

Now that you know where to buy pumice for plants, you can enjoy gardening. Just remember when buying pumice, you want to get in touch with the right seller. Always read feedback so you know you’re dealing with the right person.

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