Where To Buy String Of Pearls Plant – Tips For Starters

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Have you ever wondered where to buy String of Pearls Plant?  The String of Pearls plant is one of the most popular succulents in the world. Almost every succulent collector would have a string of pearls plant hanging in the balcony.

If you can’t source your own string of pearl’s plant, the best way to have it is to purchase from your favorite succulent shop. You can buy string of pearls plants from your local nursery, in online platforms, and even from your friends.

Background Of String Of Pearls Plant

String of pearls are native to South Africa which is their natural habitat. They grow as creeping vines on the ground but can be trained to be beautifully thriving in a pot.  They usually grow in the shade and is protected by other taller plants or rocks.

Although this plant is native to South African countries, they have been imported worldwide and are available in almost every country. First, try to check in your local nursery if there are string of pearls available.  If none, you can check out popular online plant shop for succulents.

A major variety of string of pearls are important from one country to another. If you are buying from cross country, you must choose cuttings or rooted plants without soil.

 How expensive is a string of pearls plant?

Step By Step Guide How To Care For String Of Pearls Hanging Plant


String of pearls plants will thrive on a combination of direct and indirect sunlight. Make sure to expose it at around 6-8 hours of sunlight every day.  During ten softer morning hours, move it to a spot with low light and keep its safe from the harsh sunlight during the noon.


The best soil for string of pearls is a succulent potting mix. The biggest advantage of buying seeds is that you can choose your soil, where you can plant the string of pearls. If you buy newly planted string of pearls, you don’t really know what soil is being used and may end up being a major cause of issue.


Keep the plants moist during the growing season in the spring and summer and slowly decrease your watering once the winter approaches.

 string of pearls hanging plant

Water your plant once every 2 weeks.  Those residing in hotter regions can use terracotta pots to help with draining. It is important to continue keeping at least 1/2 inch of the soil moist, especially during the summer.

Temperature and Humidity

String of Pearls Plants flourish in warm temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit from spring through fall, and it develops best with winter temperatures, going from 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant favors low stickiness, so try not to put it in any all-around sticky region of your home, similar to a kitchen or washroom.


You can fertilize your string of pearls twice a week only during the summer.  Use a balanced liquid water-soluble fertilizer and dilute it about half strength.  During the winter season, fertilize only every 6 weeks.

Expert’s Guide When Buying String Of Pearls Plant

 string of pearls plant online

  • Look for a reputable supplier – Not all websites selling a string of pearls are legit. First, look at the feedback and check for red flags. Also, avoid suppliers that are miles away from the world.
  • Check the price – Some sites can take advantage of plant lovers and purchase a too expensive string of pearls. When purchasing plants, make sure they also correspond to your budget.
  • Check the shipment – If the plant is going to be shipped via plane talk to the shipper about wrapping your plant with a newspaper first before bubble-wrapping it. This is to prevent moisture from destroying your plant during the shipment.
  • Don’t buy potted plants – We often recommend plants that have already been dried rather than buying potted plants. With potted plants, you can’t be sure whether the roots used are safe and healthy.
  • Pearl necklace truly does well in splendid light. Consider putting it on a radiant windowsill or on the other hand, assuming that brilliant daylight is restricted, leave it under bright light during sunshine hours.
  • Ensure there’s a lot of space for your plant to spread. Consider showing it in a hanging bushel so rings can course downwards.
  • Make sure to keep fallen beads out of reach of kids and pets. Succulents contain a poisonous sap called saponin. When taken by pets, this could lead to severe allergic reactions that can
  • Continue to pearl necklace in normal indoor temperatures, around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and stay away from drafty regions.

Conclusion: Keeping Your Succulents Alive

Like most succulents, string of pearls is tolerant to dry season. Make a point to establish it in a pot with a waste opening and use a preparing blend appropriate for desert flora. Soak the soil completely when watering then allow it to dry out totally prior to watering once more. Don’t forget to prune or cut the dead pearls so your plant will look lively all throughout.


How Expensive Is A String Of Pearls Plant?

String of pearls plants shouldn’t be too expensive. You can purchase String of Pearls at around $3 to $6 depending on the variety and how big it is. Stable and well-established String of Pearls with decorative pots can cost more. A well-grown string of pearl plants can cost around $24 to $30. Larger pots may cost even more.

Is String of Pearl Hanging Plant Safe for My Kids?

Your string of pearl plants may not be ultimately safe for your kids. It contains the sap called saponin, which can cause allergic reactions to kids. The same goes for your pets.

Where I can I buy string of pearls plants online?

There are many ways to buy string of plants online. Below are some guidelines you can follow for a safe and successful shopping online.

Where To Get String of Pearls Plant?

You can get string of pearls plants from your friends, which is the easiest way to get it. Even so, you can also buy them online or from your local nursery.

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