Why Are My Succulents Stretching?

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Succulents are a popular plant among hobbyists and experts, but what is the cause of this? How can you grow succulent plants that never die from becoming too tall?

Your succulent may be stretching because of a lack of water or light. The first thing to do is check your soil and make sure it’s moist enough. If not, try watering the plant more often. Read more in detail here: why is my succulent growing a long stem.

How do you fix plant stretching?

A: Plant stretching is a common issue in the game, and it can be fixed by adjusting your settings. To do this, go to Options -> Gameplay -> Game Settings and change the Max Plants per Player option from 3 to 2.


Succulents are some of the most popular plants to grow indoors, but they can be a bit tricky. They tend to stretch, and sometimes even break. There are many reasons why this happens, so let’s take a look at what might be happening. Reference: propagating leggy succulents.

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