Why Did My Succulent Die? Answers To Your Questions

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Why did my succulent die? This is one of the common questions we often encounter.

There could be many reasons why your succulent is dying. Remember, while succulents are among the easiest plant to grow, they can be very sensitive. Occasional problems may arise if you do not know the proper techniques to grow your succulents. In this article, let’s tackle the different reasons for your succulents dying.

Why Did My Succulent Die: Top 7 Reasons

Below are some reasons for succulents dying.

You Are Giving Them Excessive Water

As we have always said, succulents are sun-loving plants. They require less water and love to be exposed to the indirect sun. While your ordinary plant needs to be watered every day, succulents only require water once every week or two weeks. You need to get to know the variety of succulents so you can apply the right watering technique.

Succulents are cacti. They can grow with very little water. When you touch the soil, it should feel moist. But you should never saturate or water down and never muddy. You might want to mist the ground. Do not the water directly.

succulent overwatering

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The Container Is Too Small For Your Succulent

Did you find a cute flower pot for your lovely succulent? Sure, it looks attractive but you might not give enough space for your succulents to grow. Big succulent varieties require bigger and wider pots to grow. You also need to consider the depth. It should be twice as deep as the roots of the plant. The width should be three times larger.

Echeveria, for example, can have a wide bloom. Hence, a cute teapot or flower pot is enough. Too little space can eventually kill your succulent. It suffocates their leaves and hinders root growth. You should give as much space as your succulents needs.

Your Planting Container Doesn’t Have Drainage

People love planting succulents in cute containers, cups, boots, and other containers. Sometimes, it can be tempting to those super cute succulent pots but first, you have to check if they have drainage. When planting succulents, it is important that you find the right pot.

Drainage is important because it is where the water escapes. If the pot you are using has no drainage, the water can stay in the pot for so long. If the water stays too long, it could cause root rot, which leads to the debt of your succulent.

Your Succulents Aren’t Warm Enough

Succulents love warm weather. You shouldn’t put your succulent near a drafty window or out in cold weather. Keep them in a warm location – just enough temperature for them to grow. They don’t do well if the weather is cold. Succulents can also die during winter when the temperature is too cold. That is why you need to move your succulent indoors when the winter hits hard.

They Are Too Compacted

Don’t overstuff your succulents. Succulent dying due to compaction usually happens when you try to plant them in a terrarium. When planting in a pot or a terrarium, make sure that the plants are at least once an inch away from each other. Let them grow naturally and allow for natural filling.

Your Soil Doesn’t Supply Enough Nutrients

Succulents love nutrients. If you plant them using the soil you have in your garden, you may not have the expected result. It is important that you get the right potting mix for your succulents. Adding pumice or perlite, for example, will make your succulents healthy and strong. These rocks improve the drainage of your succulents. It drains excess water and keeps enough moisture for your succulents to survive.

They Need Transplanting

If your succulent has been in a container for several months but they seem not thriving at all, you need to replant them. By doing so, you are giving them more room to grow. They won’t get cramped or smothered. You can also easily regrow them from the mother plant.

How To Revive Succulents

Succulents come in various fascinating forms, colors, and sizes. That is why they are the best plant for any home. However, it can be depressing to see your succulents dying.

Why did my succulents die? The main reason for your succulent dying is overwatering or underwatering. Sudden decline in their health could also be due to pest infestation or other plant diseases. You have to check your succulents if they have been infected with aphids or mealybugs.

When you find your succulents dying, do not panic. Some succulents can be easily revived. Try to check their leaves and roots. If the roots have not completely rotted away or the leaves have not turned brown, you can still revive them.

Why Did My Succulent Die?

The following are some steps you can follow when replanting your dying succulents.

Check your succulents and assess how yellowish it is. If the leaves have completely dried and turned brown, you may not be able to revive them anymore. If the leaves are mushy, you can try to pull them out and dry them. You may also want to transfer your plant to another location where it can get indirect sunlight. Mushy leaves are signs of overwatering. However, when the mushiness is severe there is very little chance that your succulents will survive.

If the roots are still intact, you can slowly pull your succulents up. Prepare a new pot and gardening mix. It is beneficial for a gardening mix to have pumice or perlite depending on the variety of succulents. Make sure that the new pot has holes so the succulents can drain well.

If the plant is brown and underwatered, you should sprinkle a little water on it for a couple of days. Underwatered succulents can die for lack of water. However, do not directly pour water on it desperately. You have to be patient.

 Why Did My Succulent Die – Conclusion

Why did my succulent die is a common question we always hear from first-time succulent collectors? Now that you know the many reasons your succulents die, it is easier to avoid the situations. Even though these plants require very little care, you need to make them receive proper care in order to survive.

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