Why Is My Succulent Droopy?

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In this article we explore the different kinds of problems that a succulent might encounter. These range from poor drainage, over-watering, and an insufficient amount of sunlight to more serious issues such as pests or diseases.

An overwatered succulent will have droopy leaves and may even be losing its stem. This is because the plant has been watered too much, which can cause the plant to rot. Read more in detail here: what does an overwatered succulent look like.

Why is my succulent bending over?

A: It is possible that your succulent has been attacked by a pest. If you have noticed any holes or tears in the leaves, then it is likely that there is an insect infestation. You will need to remove the plant from its pot and inspect for pests.


Succulents are a type of plant that requires a lot of water. When you overwater them, they will droop and look sad. If you underwatered them, their roots might rot or die. Reference: underwatered vs overwatered succulent.

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