Can Succulents Get Too Much Sun?

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So, can succulents get too much sun? Whether it is your first time or you are a succulent for a long time, it is good to know how to take care of your succulents.

With too many succulent varieties, you may even get confused about which one needs more sun and which does not. Today on the blog, let us find out the answer to whether succulents can be exposed to direct sunlight.

Can Succulents Be In Direct Sunlight: Question Answered

Generally, succulents are sun-loving plants. However, you cannot place them under direct sunlight. Too much sun can burn your succulents. The best way to grow succulents is to put them in a location with indirect sunlight.

You can also expose them to the sun for a few hours and then get them back to a shady location. If you expose your succulents to direct sunlight for more than six hours, they can suffer “succulent sunburn”.

A common sign of succulent sunburn is that the leaves of your plants are turning brown and crispy. 

Your succulent could still have flat and fluffy leaves but if you have been exposing them to too much sun, they could eventually change.

How Much Sun Do Your Succulents Need?

 Succulents typically need at least 4-6 hours of sunlight every day to keep themselves thriving. If your succulents do not receive enough sunlight, they could start to wither. You will notice that their leaves become yellowish and they start to sag.

Another sign of an unhealthy succulent is having elongated leaves. When your plant does not have enough sunlight, the leaves and stems would try to reach out for some light. Consequently, their leaves would become elongated as they try to reach the light.

So can succulents be in direct sunlight? The answer is a no. You may expose them for 2-3 hours but you need to bring them back to their location. Too much exposure to the sun can kill your succulents.

Can Succulent Get Too Much Sun?

Succulents by nature are sun-loving plants. But you cannot expose them to too much sun. Too much intense heat can damage any plant and not just succulents. If you are growing succulents, the following are signs that they are happy and thriving.

 can succulents be in direct sunlight

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Healthy Roots 

Succulents need a little water to thrive. If you’ve grown them with proper temperature, water, and sunlight your succulent would have healthy roots. You don’t have to uproot your plant to know this. A succulent with healthy roots would look blooming. The leaves are thick and fleshy. But they are not withered.

They can be healthy green or purple. They will also grow upright depending on the variety of succulents you are growing. Sturdy succulents thrive because of the think healthy roots. 

However, if your succulents have rotten roots, you would notice this through the way they grow. Succulents with rotten roots have a brownish stem. The leaves are yellowish and sensitive when you touch them. If the roots of your succulents have rotten fully, your succulent cannot be revived anymore. 

Firm Leaves

When your succulents are happy, their leaves are firm. Without succulent sunburn, their leaves can be green. They will feel sturdy and firm when you touch them. However, if some parts are hard and some parts are soft, you need to check on the roots. 

Face Lift 

Can succulents get too much sun? Not when you place them location with indirect sunlight. Moreover, your succulents can become more blooming and upright after watering. Just sprinkle enough water to moisten the soil. Do not flood your plant with water because excess water can also cause rotten roots in your succulents. 

Can Succulents Get Too Much Sun: The Truth

Your succulents shouldn’t get too much sun. Too much sun or water can cause damage to your succulents. If you are a succulent owner, the following are signs that tell your succulents aren’t happy anymore. 

Mushy Leaves

Mushy and yellowish leaves could be a sign of rotten roots. This happens when you have watered your plants too much. This is the exact opposite of too much sun exposure.

When your succulent is exposed to intense heat, they could appear yellowish, saggy, or brown. Most of the leaves will eventually wither and fall. Practice the correct watering schedule to save your succulents. Again do not put them in a location with blazing sun. 

Wilted Or Shriveled Leaves

This could be a sign of too much exposure to the sign, insect infection, or underwatering. If you see that your succulents are wilting, you need to check the cause. Try to touch the soil. If it is bone dry, it needs some watering. But do not water directly and hit the leaves. It is best for succulents to just sprinkle the water directly into the soil. If you have a terrarium, just mist the plants.

On the other hand, if the soil is wet and the leaves are turning yellow you might have overwatered the plant. Relocate it to a shady area and allow it to dry. The next day, you can expose it to indirect sunlight for 3-4 hours before bringing it back again. 

Taking Care Of Your Succulent: Can Succulents Get Too Much Sun?

Succulents require very little care. Succulents can grow on neglect. Even so, there are certain factors that you must consider to grow a healthy succulent. Can succulents get too much sun is one of those factors? 

Eventually, you need to transfer your succulents to a place where they can get enough sunlight. But don’t overexpose it because too much sun will cause your succulents to wilt. This is a crucial factor especially if you plan on having a succulent garden. When there are wilting succulents in your succulent garden, the view can be disheartening. 

Moreover, it makes us sad to see this phenomenon. Now that you know how to take care of your succulents, we hope you can grow some beautiful succulents.

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