What Is The Jade Plant Growth Rate?

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Sure, everyone wants to know the jade plant growth rate. The Jade plant is one of the most popular succulents owing to its fantastic appearance and the belief of many people that it is a “lucky plant.” However, not everyone is fortunate enough to grow a healthy jade plant.

Many of you have probably tried a couple of times to grow jade plants but eventually failed. Or you have probably planted a jade plant but wondered why it’s not growing into a wonderful tree plant until now. So, that makes you ask “how fast do jade plants grow.”

For those who struggle to grow their jade plants, it’s your time to shine today. In this article, we will tackle the jade plant growth rate and some expert tips on how to help your jade plant grow faster.

How Fast Do Jade Plants Grow In The Summer?

how fast do jade plants grow

The main inquiry that many jade plant owners have is whether or not the jade plant is slow-developing. The response is yes however it likewise relies upon the jade plant’s developing conditions.

Contrasted with numerous different plants, the jade plant is seriously a slow grower and it may take you a few years to get it to the place. Ordinarily, if you place it in a pot, you know you’re successfully growing a jade plant if it has developed deep-green leaves. However, take note that the jade plant develops at a pace of around 5-20 cm each year.

That means if you want your jade plant to look like a tree or a bush, you may need to wait for a couple of years. This also explains why grown-up jade plants are very expensive.

Due to the sluggish jade plant growth rate, one may need to invest a lot of time and effort in growing a jade plant for a couple of years.

How Fast Do Jade Plants Grow In The Winter?

Sad to say but succulents, including jade plants, become dormant during the winter. That means that the winter season is not originally their growing season. In this case, you may need to stop watering your plant and place it in a warm part of your home. 

If you want to know how to make a jade plant grow faster, you may want to use a grow light or a heat lamp. This device produces an artificial light similar to that of the sun and helps your plant grow. With light, your plant will continue to photosynthesize and develop chlorophyll even during the winter. However, it will only grow at the same rate as above.

How Long Do Jade Plants Live?

Jade plants can live for many years. Very old jade plants can develop into a tree where you can get cuttings and propagate. Here are some tips on how you can grow a healthy jade plant.

  • Pick a wide and strong pot with a moderate depth, as jade plants tend to develop awkwardly and fall over.
  • Utilize a gardening mix that will deplete completely, as exorbitant dampness might advance parasitic illnesses like root decay.
  • A universal soil is fine but adds perlite to enhance its ability to drain. Jade plant needs to be planted in well-draining soil. A 2:1 proportion of preparing blend to perlite is ideal. On the other hand, utilize a pre-made succulent or desert plants preparing blend.
  • After establishing a jade plant, don’t water it immediately. Standing by any place from a few days to seven days before watering allows the roots to settle and recuperate from any harm.

 How To Make Jade Plants Grow Faster? 

There are ways to improve the jade plant growth rate. If you want a healthy and thriving jade plant, you need to consider the following factors: adaptability, type of potting soil, overfertilization, the season for growth, watering regime, pruning, temperature, and pests. 

  • Adaptability – It is important to acclimate your jade plant, especially if you’ve just bought it online or if it is newly planted. The jade plant growth rate can even slow down if your jade has not fully adapted to its new home. 
  • Type of potting soil – The best potting soil for jade plants is sandy. Instead of using loam soil, you can use a gardening mix and add perlite. The perlite helps improve the soil’s draining ability. 
  • Overfertilization – Do not put too much fertilizer on your plant. Too much fertilizer can change the quality of your soil. Oftentimes, it can cause root rot.
  • The season for growth – the best time to grow jade plants is during summer. If you plant it during the winter season, which is the dormant month for them, you cannot expect them to grow.
  • Watering regime – Water your succulents only when the soil is dry. Avoid watering the leaves and pour the water directly into the soil. 
  • Pruning – Pruning is highly advisable for jade plants before they get bushier. It will give your plant a bright shape and encourage more shoots to grow. 
  • Temperature – Place your jade plant at a warm temperature. Jade plants may suffer when placed in cold drafts or kept near the windows. 
  • Pests – This is a common issue for jade plants grown indoors. Insects can forestall the growth of your jade plants as they suck all the nutrients from the leaves. 

how long do jade plants live

Jade Plant Growth Rate – Conclusion

Jade plants are easy to develop and maintain. All you need is to be well aware of the best techniques and strategies to encourage faster growth. Regardless, if you think that your jade plant is growing after months of caring for it, you should assess its cause. 

If your jade plant has remained dwarf but it has deep green leaves that are upright, full, and pert then there’s no problem at all. However, if your jade plant hasn’t grown at all but has developed yellow leaves, then something is wrong with it. 

It could be overwatered or maybe it lacks some sunshine. You have to assess it very well to ensure that you’re giving the right solution.

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