How Often Do I Water My Succulents?

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How often do I water my succulents? This is one of the common questions we hear from first-time plant moms.

You know the drill. Succulents are sun-loving creatures. Since they are cold-hardy, you don’t have to water them a lot. Succulents love arid climates, so they hold extra water in their leaves. If you over water, you will notice that their leaves will retain more water.

But just how often should you water succulents? Will you water once a week? Or twice a week? Is there are hard and fast rules. Let’s check it out!

The main guideline for watering succulents is simple. Only water when the soil and the succulents’ developing compartment is very dry. We rehash, let the soil dry out totally between watering.

If the soil isn’t brittle, dry soil, don’t water it. It’s just plain obvious, most houseplants need their soil to be consistently clammy. Keep the soil moist but not bone dry. Do not overwater because if the soil is too wet, the roots of your succulents may rot.

4 Essential Factors That Affect How Often You Need To Water Succulents


Most succulents fill like spring and summer. So you’ll have to water them much more frequently during their dynamic developing season. They haul water out of the dirt at a surprising rate as they make new stems, leaves, roots, and blossoms. You might water them three times each week, contingent upon conditions like light and temperature. In the colder time of year, succulents go torpid.

Developing stops, so you’ll just have to water them a few times for the whole season. One of the least demanding approaches to kill a delicious is to give it an excessive amount of water in the colder time of year, so move in an opposite direction from your watering can from November to March. Give your delicious rest access serene aridity.

Pot Size

Bigger pots should be watered less regularly because they have more soil that holds dampness longer. Little, shallow compartments should be watered all the more now and again because the dirt dries out quicker.

 watering succulents

Amount Of Light

Succulents that get at least 10 hours of full sun will require more water than success that get less light. For the most part, open-air plants will require more water than indoor ones since they get more sun and are presented to harder conditions.

Humidity Level

Plants in high humidity and cooler temperatures will require less regular watering than plants in blistering, dry environments since they’ll keep up with dampness for a more drawn-out timeframe. Are your succulents on a deck in full sun in Phoenix? Plan on a watering day by day. Is it true that they are to some degree sun on a deck in San Francisco? You just may have to water once consistently or two.

How Often Do I Water My Succulents and How Do I Do It?

Since you know the components that influence how frequently you should water succulents, here’s how you water them. Indeed, there’s a correct way and an incorrect way. Succulents are desert locals and keeping in mind that they don’t get a lot of precipitation in their tribal natural surroundings.

When it rains, it pours. Desert rainstorms are storms, with water emerging from the sky in sheets. Mimic desert rain for your succulent by soaking it when you water it. Pour water on it leisurely and don’t stop until water runs out of the channel opening in the base.

Succulents improve intermittent long, profound beverages that splash its dirt to the lower part of the pot than standard however meek watering that wet the top inch or two of the dirt in the holder.

So when your succulents’ dirt is very dry, soak that child. Allow the dirt to dry out, then, at that point douse once more. Dry out. Soak. Dry out. Soak. Follow that example and you’ll have consummately watered succulents.

Watering Succulents and Other Tips To Keep Them Alive

1. Give Them Space To Breathe

Although there are a couple of succulent varieties that perform indoors well, they still need a good air to breathe. You can count aloe and kalanchoe here. Putting succulents in terrarium, forget about it if you don’t know how to maintain it. Keeping your plants outside is the most ideal way to grow them. Except when you need to bring them inside during the cold season.

2. Give Some Shade

Most succulents don’t grow whenever impacted with the hottest sun rays. While they like a ton of light, most succulents need sun assurance. Particularly if the temperature hits the 90-degree-mark. This is true, especially to baby succulents.

3. Start With The Right Soil

Utilize a quick depleting desert flora blend. Or on the other hand, in case you’re of the DIY influence, revise a customary fertilized soil with coarse perlite, squashed magma, or pumice. A decent formula is one section correction and four sections preparing blend.

Watering Tips: The Best Way To Grow Succulent?

How often do I water my succulents? Again, we recommend that you provide enough water for your succulents to grow. The formula is easy: not too little and not too much.

Perhaps you’ve gotten the reminder and can’t help thinking about why they are passing on. In this case, your succulents need some water. Succulents like being water before the water dries completely.

Succulents are arguably one of the prettiest plants to grow in the garden. Many people also take them indoors to decorate their interior. In any case, for a healthy succulent, you need to master the watering technique.

When you know how often to water succulents, you would be more confident of having a thriving succulent garden. When you get a lot of succulents growing, you can start propagating them. This way, you can start your own succulent business.

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