How To Propagate String Of Bananas Plant

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Today, let’s talk about how to propagate a string of bananas plants.

The string of bananas is also known as Senecio radicans. This plant is known for its cascading vines of banana-shaped leaves. They can bear tiny lavender yellow or white blooms during fall and winter.  

This plant is known for many names in various places. You will find that in many stores people call it necklace plant, the string of fish hooks, or creeping berry. Many people also call it a string of pearls.

Get ready and learn how to propagate a string of bananas plants.

How To Propagate String Of Bananas Plants – Three Ways For Beginners

Stem Cuttings

Propagating a string of bananas is very. The first method is called stem cutting. Simply cut a strand from your succulent and sprint it into three. You can see the plant roots anywhere along the stem.  

So choose mature stems to cut – preferably with some roots in them. Mature stems are easier to propagate than younger ones.  

Dry them out for a day. Since their stems are thin, you don’t have to wait for days until they have completely dried down. Sometimes, it only takes a few hours so you better watch them out.

In cities with dry climates, drying string of bananas is very easy. During cold weather days, you may find it hard to dry them so we don’t recommend propagating string of bananas during winter. It is important for the string of bananas to dry because the stem needs to heal first. After drying, you can plant them in a well-drained pot. Just stick them into the soil and watch them grow. You need to water them once in a while to make them thrive.

Lay On Soil

The second way of propagating String of Bananas is by laying them on the soil. Just trim some mature stems from your mother plant. Then lay the cuttings flat on the soil. Let it touch the soil so the plant will shoot out roots.

You should see roots growing from stems that touch the soil. This way, you can start with a fuller top. Eventually, you can have the plants trail.

Again, use a well-draining potting mix. Add pumice because they are full of nutrition and they can drain perfectly. You may also use cactus soil and combine it with perlite.

Once you see stems growing in your succulents, you can start digging the soil. Then carefully stick the stem into the soil. New roots usually emerge in around two weeks. If you use stem cuttings with roots in them, it will take faster. 

This option is great if your mother plant does have a lot of mature roots. Take note, you need to keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent it from burning.

Water String Of Bananas Propagation

We know we have said a lot about how you shouldn’t water your succulents too much. Overwatering can drown your succulents.

But you can propagate a String of Bananas in water. First, take a stem cutting from the mother plant. Then stick the very tip in the water. It doesn’t matter what kind of water to use. You can just pour tap water into the planter.

This method would be more effective if you have a plant. It is important that you only soak the tip of the succulent in the water. Do not submerge all parts in the water. When done right, you can notice new roots growing in water in about 2 to 3 weeks.

In about four weeks, you can see a lot of new roots already. Once your String of Bananas has stabilized, you can start transferring them to their new pots. In the next few weeks, you can see your succulents thriving.

 propagating string of bananas

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Propagating String Of Bananas Through Leaves

Only a few people attempted to plant a String of Bananas through leaves. You may have some but the success rate is lower compared to the traditional methods. 

 Also, the process can take longer than propagating from stem cuttings. If you want to propagate a String of Bananas out of leaves for an experiment, you may do so. But just get a few leaves from your mother plant. Unless you have a lot of thriving String of Bananas, you don’t want to risk it.

So how to propagate a String of Bananas plants using leaves? You can simply remove some leaflets from the plant and stick them on the soil. Oftentimes, you can stick the fallen leaves.

Take note though that little banana leaves are not as fragile as other types of succulents. They do not fall off as much as others. So the waiting game is a bit longer too.

How To Propagate String Of Bananas Plants and Caring For Them Properly

The string of Bananas like being outdoor. If you have this plant, you can put it on a hanging pot and hang it around your balcony. Or if you have a garden, you can dedicate a place for them.

Even so, you need to avoid intense afternoon sunlight. Extreme heat from the sun can kill your succulents. This happens often especially during the summer months. 

Even so, String of Bananas is drought tolerant. You must not overwater them. Just water them at least once or twice a week enough to keep the soil moist. But do not leave them bone dry. The string of Bananas also does not require fertilizer.

A good potting mix includes either pumice or perlite. These rocks will help the soil dry after you water them. Note that too much excess water will cause the roots to rot and you don’t want it to happen. 

When wintertime comes, you would want to put your String of Bananas indoors. They experience a period of dormancy during the winter. So do not feed the plant during the cold months. Seldom water it and provide just enough moisture to keep it from becoming bone dry. Moreover, place your plant in an area where it can get enough sunlight to grow. A north-facing window would be ideal.

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